Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mark @ 31

Its good to celebrate every occasion with friends, especially birthdays. But sometimes due to workloads and other priorities we celebrate it late from the actual day. Its not a big deal as long as its still the same year :). Being with each other is always like a reunion - endless stories and unstoppable laugh trips ^_^. And at the end of the night its not "good bye" but its just "till next time"

It's Marky's Birthday Celebration!
Mark's  birthday is on March 21 and celebrated it on April 7, 2013. Being with friends is always a celebration no matter how late it is!

love the "HONEY" flavored cake :)

the birthday boy @ 31

wish wish wish...

the knife that looks like a sword ..tawa much :))

Happy happy birthday Marky! 

It's our first time as a group to celebrate birthday in a buffet setting - EAT ALL YOU CAN! And how do you spell "diet" its N-O

at Shanghai Restaurant, City Center Doha

stomach in na talaga kaagad Marvin =)

walang diet diet sa eat all you can :)

since the restaurant can't accommodate us in 1 long table so this was the set up

The SF Tradition
It's been our "tradition" that after we eat dinner to have some coffee or tea.
Super Friends + Great conversation + Coffee /tea = GREAT Evening

sa sobrang busog almost all of us go with tea

one additional order please - milk for me =)

tea girls & tea boys =) CHEERS!

how we wish Starbucks will pay us for promoting them ..hahaha

 Again, thank you Mark for sumptuous dinner and great coffee & tea!
Till next celebration SF!

After it was published and posted to other site, Mark commented "31 lang kainaman na,hahaha" so all "31" was previously 32 ..hehehe, sorry Marky I thought we're just of the same age :)
Photo credited to Marvin Francisco


  1. Nice One :) thanks Jen.
    Thanks SF-Marvin for the beautiful pics.
    Thank you SF/s.... really appreciate it.

    God Bless us all.

    - Andrew

    1. Thank you for celebrating with us Marky!
      Super nagenjoy and naappreciate namin :)
      God bless us all


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