Monday, April 15, 2013

Pre-On-Post 32nd Birthday

March is my month and from its first day I claimed that it will be a month of blessings. And it did! thank you so much Lord
I'm always looking forward for each day - another day signifies another opportunity and new beginnings. Everyday is not always full of joy and happiness there were day that I cried, get tired, but in the end of the day I'm always thankful to the Lord for always guiding and leading me, for giving me peace and joy, and for always putting hope through Him to all things and decisions I make.
Celebrating my special day became more special with the people that I really treasure, even I'm away with my biological family na super miss ko na, having my Doha family, Super Friends, and my QICM-BS Mansoura family completed my "COLORFUL 32 years LIFE"  and since I didn't organize a party for all, I had several celebrations :)

March 8 Its a PAJAMA PARTY!
Being with the family - my Doha family is always a party how much more if its a celebration like birthdays!

its a double celebration with me and my cousin Peach - we have the same birthday!

A cozy bed and sofa with a cup of "kapeng barako" plus cakes, pastries and other sweets completed the celebration and of course the presence of everyone.
The Celebrants
thanks for our cake Ate Che!

 We preferred to have a simple celebration - exclusively for the family. And since we are all tired from a week of working, and mommy to be Peach can't cook we decided to order some foods outside. Foods are only second in our list when we are having get together, the first is the bonding moment we can have with each other.

Jep won the best in Pajama - he's holding ENCHONGGO - his prize :)
Simple celebration with special people is always FUN and MEMORABLE! Kapamilya, Kapuso or Kapatid man, the family is always worth sharing with. Thank you so much DOHA FAMILY!

March 9 is MY DAY!
I feel so special and I know I do ^_^ Overwhelm to all personal greetings, emails, overseas and local calls, sms coming from family, friends, and people who simply remember my birthday...and some of them really surprise me. Again thank you so much. 
I started my special day with a cup of coffee/ chai and a slice of cake with my Procurement Department "Filipino" Family. Sayang I was not able to take pictures...
My evening was like a reunion for Super Friends, even we're not working in the same company anymore and I know how busy they are, still they showed up. BIG BIG HUGSSSS and SUPER THANK YOU talaga as in ...

32 years of colorful life, thank you so much Lord
The night was filled with laughter and not to mention a bloated tummy, hahaha. Its our first time to eat at Chowking (all) together. Hooray for super busog at naenjoy na mga foods plus dami pang natake-out umabot pa till next day for our lunch.
my life is like a bowl of halo-halo - malulay, iba-iba ang flavor pero sweet ..hahaha
Colorful tops - COLORFUL LIFE!
Being away with my family (biological) for almost 7 years is really an achievement for me - to stand firm inspite and despite of all hardships I've been through, to overcome the fears and worries on how I will manage my life without my parents, to survive the homesickness especially in times of cold season.
These are the people whom I've been with for almost 7 years - they are the people who cheers me up when I am sad, who doesn't always need a word to feel I'm secured, they are the people I'm thankful for having, people whom I consider one of great blessing too. - The Super Friends (SF)
 I love pictures - I believe that in every picture all emotions were captured especially the happiness of a person , and I love HAPPY face. Lagi kong sinasabi gusto maging ulyanin man ako pagtanda ko makalimutan ko man ang name ng mga taong nakasama ko sa journey ko, watching those pictures will surely remind me of how my life was. I love treasuring moments and one way for keeping those are through every captured pictures.


We love coffee dates. It's been our tradition as a group to take into a coffee shops after dinner. As Marvin said "para magpatunaw...or may tutunawin kasi kaya kelngan ng tea or coffee".  Coffee has a big part on Super Friends as we started in just a cup until now its been a part of us.

coffee + cake = perfect combination
the happiest birthday girl of the day :)

Halos di na magkasya ang SF sa dami :) Thank you Lord for giving us to each other, the friendship we have is really a blessing.

Not to forget....
By almost landslide votes, the WINNER FOR BEST COLORFUL TOP!
Congrats Kuya Rudolf and Jane!

floral top...lets start the SUMMER!

March is really my month, even my birthday was already passed still I received gifts and celebrated like its still my day.
Aside from family, colleagues and super friends I celebrated a simple coffee date with my single girlfriends. Without any plan after the thanksgiving in the church we headed in a quiet and relaxing coffee shop at Radisson Blu Hotel.

 the bitter sweet treat - strawberry cheesecake + cappuccino
with the Madelar sisters - Jho & Hazel
used front camera just to have a group pic ..hehehe
light top + comfy couch = sleepy eyes
 March 25, last Monday of  March, the last birthday treat I've got for this year. Thank you so much Kuya Andy for a great buffet Asian treat at Oryx Rotana Hotel.

Everytime I visit Oryx I can't resist to have a pose in here :)
HAPPY single lady HAPPY tummy!

the eating buddies :)

I started to write this post since March 31 but I don't know if why if its about me lagi lang na-sstucked sa "draft". Anyways, 2013 is not yet over so this one is not yet an over long due..wala pa namang 6 months..hahaha. But seriously, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the people who had been a part of the celebration even in any ways - to all the greetings, celebrations, treats and gifts and more than for just being you to me.
I always say this: I may not have much material possessions but I am blessed with love and care from my family and friends, and I'm really thankful to the Lord. Thank you so much for giving me another year and habang tumagatagal (or should I say tumatanda..hahaha) dumadami ang tao na nagiging part ng buhay ko. May mga nawala, umalis, or kung saan man sila napadpad but the Lord is gracious to give me new friends, new people in my life. Walang hanggang salamat po :)
Glory to God for another gift of life.

Honestly I didn't expect that I will still received gifts at my age ..hahaha. and one of the stuff on my Christmas list, i received as a birthday gift..HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOMAN indeed :)

More than those gifts are the love of the people for me. So happy!
So blessed ^_^
April na pero parang birthday ko pa rin, may humabol pa ...thank you thank you talaga. I feel really special.

a vintage desk clock inside it!
I have nothing to ask for. Thank you LORD for blessing me.
Till next year birthday celebration!

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