Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013


I am not that environmentalist as like others but I have concerns for the Mother Earth. I believes that we are only steward of all the creations of God and we are responsible in taking care of it.
At my age I am blessed that I was able to see and witness the changes that happened on nature. I was blessed to see the green mountains and forests; heard the chirping of the birds; go with the flow of streams; played with the waves of blue clean waters of the sea; felt the fresh air in my face; ran under the sun without any worries that I will be burned after, and so many things that you cannot see nor feel right now - its because we already facing the effect of the climate change.
Yesterday, April 22 almost over a billion of people from 192 countries celebrated the Earth Day. Around the world people organized rallies, campaigns, clean ups and tree plantings. I remembered when I was still in the Philippines, I am working in a government agency then. The city government of Batangas have so many programs and projects in taking care of mother earth - clean ups, segregation of waste from bio to non bio, tree plantings and others. But even the idea and program itself is good, some people still resist and some doesn't want to obey. There are certain laws that were created to punish those who will disobey. I am happy to know that even some are against of it, still many are favor and its good to see that the city government has its firm stand to continue their programs.
When I got home from vacation last 2010 I learned that plastic bags are also prohibited under a certain city ordinance. Happy to see the shoppers on their eco-bags although I spent money as most of the time I forget my eco bag at home so I need to buy a new one. Even the leading department stores like SM also participated in the campaign, instead of using plastic bags they are now using paper brown bags. Likewise, food chains like Jollibee and Mc Donalds Batangas City joined, instead of using styrofoam they are now using cartoon boxes for their take-outs. Not only that even in the stores in the market except those who are selling "wet" products. Truly I salute everyone who's behind in implementing such ordinances in our place. KUDOS! Although there are still violators, well I know you'll learn your lesson.
Just last December 2012 during my vacation I learned that smoking in the public places including streets, parks, nearby schools and public offices and some other areas were restricted. Super I'm so HAPPY to hear that from a friend who is one of the so many staffs delegated by the city government to implement that. So that's the reason behind during those days that I didn't smell cigarette smokes in jeepneys...thank as in SUPER!
I know that it will require big amount of money to continuously implement those ordinances strictly, but its more than the money - its for the people and  for the sake of our environment. Hoping and praying that province of Batangas will continue to implement more ordinances and laws concerning to health of the people and to betterment of environment. Not only for Batangas Province but all over Philippines.
Here are some of the thumbnails showing the FACE OF CLIMATE CHANGE in some parts of the world and how they celebrated EARTH DAY.

Here are some eco tips I've got on Earth Day Network Philippines:

1. Practice solid waste management by segregating our waste.
Do not mix wastes. Paper goes with paper, plastic with other plastics, dry with other dry materials and wet with other wet materials.
2. Open windows to allow sunlight and air to enter your house.
By doing so, you avoid turning on your lights and your air-conditioning units. You cut your costs and you prevent the burning of fossil fuels.
3. Buy organic products.
Organic products are nurtured and raised using the most eco-friendly process. Also, they are healthy and do not contain toxins and free radicals that are dangerous to your health.
4. Teach kids about the environment.
As the future of this planet, children must learn about how life exists on this planet as early as possible. Make them involved in environmental events so they appreciate the Earth and take care of it.
5. Water your garden or your potted plants in the early morning or late afternoon.
By doing so, you lessen evaporation and therefore save up on water and avoid additional costs.
6. Print email and attachments only when necessary.
We can save trees by only printing out necessary documents. If not needed for filing, just leave it in your computer!
7. Ride mass transport systems.
Mass transport systems allow the distribution of carbon footprint among all the passengers thereby lessening greenhouse emissions.
8. Always bring and use reusable bags.
Plastic is a non-biodegradable material and can survive for thousands of years so make it a habit to bring your own reusable bag in order to avoid getting plastic bags.
9. Ride a bike or walk when going short distances.
By doing this, we avoid greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the air and damage our atmosphere and we get to exercise to improve our health.
10. Plant and nurture trees.
Trees are important because they provide the best carbon sink to combat global warming

Practicing and applying some small ways on how to keep out environment clean and healthy religiously will hep a lot for us to have a better world to live.
May we always be reminded that when Mother Earth is sick her people have a lot of chances to be sicked as well.
Lets love and take care of the earth.


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