Thursday, April 25, 2013

Half the price, double the fun!

Wednesday is my day, if you're my reader for quite sometimes then I guess you know it. Last week I had a buffet treat for "Ms" Birthday celebration and after a week we're blessed to have a "half price" treat! And another blessing its sis Jho's 3_th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!
So since its Jho's birthday we really didn't allow the promo of Papa Johns to slip away, and its their last day of HALF PRICE EVERYTHING promo yesterday.
The promo is a blast for every pasta and pizza lover, if I'm not mistaken its just only 5 days promo kaya naman every branch talaga pila ang tao at dinudumog talaga. And we're one of those fortunate people who got the chance to fill our tummy in a half price of everything. Kung sa mga department store you'll have a chance to get 50% discount on the shoes or dress you want, here you'll enjoy it as well not only your eyes but your tummy..hahaha. From time to time we really need to be patient and waiting for 30 minutes for our order is not that bad. We roamed around while waiting for our order and of course didn't resist to go on shopping! but last night I'm not the one who was awarded of "shoppinggera of the night" - its Hazel & Jho!

she got home with many items - not for herself but for her loved ones  ^_^

For me its an achievement that I can resist the "temptation" of shopping. Honestly from the time I read and wrote about simplifying my lifestyle nare-remind ako everytime na pupunta ako sa mall or magche-check ako sa mga online shops, well I hope it will continue, I know its only,me and myself who can help me.

After 45 minutes...


What I really love about Papa John's? the real & freshness taste of each ingredients - the taste of fresh tomatoes on their pasta sauce.

Time to eat but lets pray first...

Got some of the pictures in this post from Jho and nagulat lang ako na meron nito...but its nice to see na may ganito kaming picture last night. Sabi nga sa post na nabasa ko sa FB, ngayon daw bago kumain nagpipicture muna ng kung ano ang kakainin hindi ba pwedeng ipag-pray muna. 

Lord, thank you for all the blessings and for another year of life for Jho
Pepperoni rolls

Special Chicken Ranch Pizza - love it!
the birthday girl

1 set of pepperoni rolls + 1 medium size of pizza + 2 order of pasta + 3 bottles of water = 50.00 QR! 

Happy tummy, happy pocket, happy us!

the "Ms" sisters

kami lang..hahaha

ako lang...hehehe
After we ate, we did some shopping...ooopsss "simplifying lifestyle" hahaha. We had a great time, in a simple yet affordable and "busog-lusog" dinner celebrating Jho's birthday. 
We don't need to spend much in celebrating any occasion what matter is how we celebrate it - with thanksgiving to the Lord and with a happy heart.
Wait for our next "food hopping", as Jho & Hazel said last night, hotel naman daw kami next time, hehehe next month na kaya yong next time..hehehe
God bless all of us

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