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Share-Give-Reach Out, Give LOVE on Christmas Day

"People making lists,  buying special gifts
It's a time to be kind to one and all
It's that time of year when good friends are dear
And you wish you could give more
Than just presents from a store"
Christmas I think is one of the best day of the year. For us Filipinos we celebrate it not only for one day, we start to celebrate it as soon as "ber" months enter into the scenario. Almost every house are filled with red, silver and gold decorations, and even the streets were lightened by colorful lights and lanterns. But more than that Christmas is the time of the year to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And since GOD is LOVE and we're celebrating His birth, Christmas is the time to spread love as well as hope not only to our family and friends but mostly to our fellow who really needs to feel that they are loved.
"Why don't you give love on Christmas day
Even the man who has everything would be so happy

If you would bring Him love on Christmas day
No greater gift is there than love
This Christmas season may our heart desires to  SHARE, GIVE, and REACH OUT our fellow who are in need. We don't need to buy and wrap expensive gifts to make them happy, all we need to do is to let them feel that we care and love them even in the simplest way we can.

Paskuhan sa OWWA 2012


Hindi lahat ng nasa abroad mayaman at hindi lahat madali ang buhay na kinakaharap sa araw-araw. Maaring may mga ngiti sa kanilang labi everytime na makikita natin ang mga pictures nila, parang ang dali ng buhay pero sa kabila ng mga ngiti ay mga luha ng pasakit at mga pasa ng pahirap sa kamay ng mga amo nila.
I consider myself blessed. I didn't experience those things. I have a good job and enough salary to sustain my needs and even my family. I can sleep at peace without minding that they might someone hurt me when I am asleep, I can eat on time and eat the right food that my body needs, if there were times that I don't feel good I can rest and take medicines if sicked. I can go to Church and even to places I want to go with my family and friends. I am very bless and I'm truly thankful to the Lord for the life I have.

But not all OFW have the same life I have.
Its really sad that we have fellow Filipinos who are despite of good intention to earn and to work hard for their family suffers a lot - physically abuse, emotionally tortured and some of them are brutally molest.

Nakakalungkot isipin dahil ilan sa kanila ay nangutang at iba ay nagbili ng mga ari-arian sa pag-asa na magkakaroon sila ng mas magandang buhay sa pagtratrabaho dito sa ibang bansa. Ang iba naman ay iniwan ang kanilang mararangal na trabaho sa Pilipinas sa pagnanasang magkaroon ng mas malaking sweldo at mas mabigyan ng mas magandang buhay ang pamilya.
Hindi lang po yan haka-haka or napanuod ko na kwento sa t.v., all those stories are from the lips of our distressed kababayans who are under the custody of OWWA, Qatar.

It will be my 5th year this coming December 20, 2012 to spend Christmastime with them. 
I personally heard their stories and witnessed their battles. I am witnessed of the bruises and scars on their body, the fear they have in their heart and the troubles, pain, agony and problems they are facing. We are bless - very bless as our lives are normal if we will compare to them. Maybe at this time we already plan how we will celebrate our Christmas, some may even wrapped gifts and planned the parties that they'll be going to attend. But how about them?

Be with us in sharing, giving, and reaching out our distressed kababayans in OWWA, Qatar. As of today, I don't have the exact numbers of persons who are in the OWWA but we're praying that before the year ends they will be lessened.

You may donate the following:
Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, sanitary napkin, deodorant, etc.)
Used clothes, shoes or bags in good condition
Baby clothes are needed as well as I received an information that there are 4 babies of months old who are also now in OWWA custody.
Food (canned goods, noodles, etc.) or foods to be served during the event (sandwich, pizza, pansit, etc.)

Time is the best expression of love. If you are free on the said date, I am personally encouraging you to be with us physically. I am very sure you'll be bless :)

For your donations and other inquiry, kindly drop me a line or call me at 55003586 for more details.

A GYA Christmas Feast : Care, Share, Donate

Christmas are for everyone most especially for children. I was really happy when I found out this Christmas Feast for children that my friend Kcat organized. 
They started GYA Christmas Party since 1994, party on the street with all the family, relatives, friends and "kalaro" . 
The celebration is whole day full of games and a party at night of 24th of December.

Here is from Kcat:

A GYA Christmas Feast will be a whole day event full of games, foods, party, gifts and whole lot of fun. This time, we are planning to start the day by holding a feeding program in the morning and treat the kids with a hearty breakfast so that they will have energy to enjoy the day’s activity. In the evening will be a Christmas party for the kids with lots of foods, gifts for everyone and more games to play.
I strongly believed that “It is through giving that we receive.” We may not be materially rich, but in our hearts we have a lot of HAPPINESS to share,  I may not that perfectly well  again, I could no longer stand on my own to lead the event again, I could not hear their loud laugh anymore, but  my heart could still feel  their happiness. Likewise, this is my little way of showing them that any disability is never a hindrance to share love and happiness. Because I AM AN ABLE DISABLED.

Click here for more:

After GYA peeps announced the upcoming Christmas Feast 100+  excited kids were registered.
Lets make these children happy on December 24!
You can donate candies, toys, cookies or cupcakes, juices in tetra packed or any goodies that can be packed and distributed for the kids. 

If you wish to share & donate, feel free to contact Kcat Yarza, at 09063360757 / 09235219600. You can also email her at

If you are in abroad and you want to extend your gift to the kids, you can send your pledges:
Banco De Oro (BDO)
Savings Acct. Number: 02 809 824 88
Banco De Oro SM Megamall Branch, Mandaluyong City

Please do not hesitate to ask me if you want to know more details :)

Heart to heart for Baby Yvan

Yvan was born on April 12, 2012. Like his two older siblings, he was born premature but was stricken with Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome (neonatal pneumonia), a breathing disorder which occurs in newborn premature infants whose lungs have not yet fully developed. He was also diagnosed to have sepsis, blood poisoning that is life-threatening.

Click this for more:

This Christmas season lets extend our heart to Baby Yvan. Lets give him hope and help him to survive. Baby Ivan's family also come up to a fundraising of shirt in order to help in the daily expense of Baby Ivan. You may visit his mom's Facebook site : HELP FOR BABY YVAN 
For your donations / pledges you may contact his mom Heart Calimlim at 0933 329 6118 and visit
For cash donations:
Ma Yvette Heart Calimlim
BDO Acct# 1280917405
SM City Bacoor Branch 

Lets be with Baby Yvan in fighting the battle. He and his family needs our prayer and support. May the cold breeze of December bring them warm and comfort full of love.

People you don't know smiling out hello
Everywhere there's an air of Christmas joy
It's that once a year when the world's sincere
And you'd like to find a way
To show the things that words can't say

We don't know them personally, some of them not even by their names but it doesn't matter when we give and help; we just need a cheerful giving heart.
Simple things from us, small amount from our pocket really means a lot for them.
Why don't you give love on Christmas day
The man on the street and the couple upstairs

All need to know that there's one cares
Give love on Christmas day
No greater gift is there than love

What the world needs is love
Yes, the world needs your love

All we need is love!
Lets spread the light of hope and the stars of love to all.
Let's live this Christmas season with true essence of it - LOVE.
There's no greater gift we can give to others aside from our love like what did Jesus Christ gave us - His unconditional love.
I always believe that we don't need to be rich materially nor financially in order to give anything - what we need is a heart full of love.
May we bring out the true meaning of the Christmas season : LOVE
Merry CHRISTmas!
God Bless us all


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