Friday, April 19, 2013

Ms' Birthday Celebration

One of my reason why I started to write again is to store up "memories" - happy moments spent with family, friends and people who really mean to me.
Although it really requires me time to write because of my busy schedule, I told to myself that I really need find time kaya expect to read some late post from the actual date of the occasion or happenings. As I've said as long as the story is posted within the year, its still valid and not consider "over due" :) 
Let me start with the recent...

Its Madelar Sisters Birthday!
Meet the Madelar sisters - Hazel and Jhoanne
I met them in my Bible study group two years ago. One of our common factor - singleness :) and I think one of the factor that I made friends with them easily. Aside from being my prayer partners they are also my food trip buddies, shopping allies and slipper halves. 
Both of girls ladies are April celebrators. And even we're all busy on our respective careers (taray careers talaga ang term) we made it possible to celebrate. 
"On" birthday for Hazel and an advance for Jho.
Actually we don't have exact plan  how we'll going to celebrate their birthdays, all we agreed is just to meet on Hazel's day 17th of April and here are some of the snap shots - simple yet fun fun dinner!

April 17, 2013
Ponderosa Steak House, Doha


Hazel - the "ate"
Jhoanne - the feeling ate :)

Jhoanne: Kain lang kayo ng kain marami akong ipinahanda ..hahaha

Are you a buffet lover? here are some tips I've got from buffet hopping :)
1. Don't wear fit top, jeans or a body hugging dress.
2. Eat less or if you can't escape a meal better, before the buffet date so you can reserve a big part of your tummy..hahaha
3. Don't be "takaw-tingin". Get only an amount of food that you can consume, if you still want you can take additional. Remember not to waste food.

She enjoyed the buffet :) I'm sure of that..hehehe

I'm one of the privileged to be included on the list :) thank you sisters. I always told to myself and to others that if someone invited you in any occasion especially if its really an affair that really matters to them, it only means that you are special and important to them, so always be thankful. If the time doesn't permits you to come up - having a conflict schedule or any much important errands, tell them ahead of time so they can lessen the reservations they made if there is.

Thank you "Madelar sisters"! We had a happy Wednesday and a happy tummy indeed.
Happy Birthday! The Lord bless both you all the desires of your heart and fulfill all your plans in life according to His will. I love you both. Thank you for the friendship and sisterhood. God bless

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