Sunday, April 14, 2013

Simplifying Lifestyle

A lot of people always think that since I am a single I can buy any stuffs I want even my salary is not that big compare to others. Some of them think and says that its easy for me kasi wala akong pinapaaral na anak or kapatid, wala akong pinapadalhan sa Pinas - well guys its a myth! Not all "single" who are working abroad or wherever doesn't mean they are just earning for themselves. I am blessed kasi I don't have any sibling or anyone na pinapagaral but I have parents to whom I send monthly "remittance" - they didn't oblige me to do it but I'm doing it to at least reciprocate (although I know I can't) all what they did for me. I feel happy and fulfilled doing that. 
Some people ask me on how to manage my salary and to enjoy single life like shopping, going out with friends, eating in restaurants & hotel and doing charities which we know involved money. I always answer "its just within your LIFESTYLE".
I am blessed as ever since I wasn't deprived from material stuffs, I graduated elementary to college in a private school and was able to finished my MPA (Masters in Public Administration). And I'm super thankful talaga with my parents for providing everything for me and Bj. I'm giving back all the praise and honor to the Lord for all the blessing He bestowed unto our family. 
Ever since I was a child my mom exposed me on simplifying life style. I am a witnessed of the self denial she did every salary day - if may gusto syang stuffs like bag, shoes, or dress she will not buy it kaagad until nakapagtuition na kami or she will just save the money kasi baka may mga emergency na pagkagastusan. Prioritizing what is really important. We have so many "wants" in life hindi mauubos ang mga gusto natin, but we must fulfill first our "needs". 
Every woman I guess loves dress, shoes, bags and accessories while men pampered a lot themselves in gadgets. I admit sometimes I am tempt to shop, shop and shop especially now a days it just a "click away" as there are so many online shopping store where you can find a good deal. We work hard and we earn and its not bad to reward ourselves - a branded bag, latest gadget, stunning jewelries, sumptuous dinner or a trip to the neighborhood, yup its our right, its our privilege. But think many times before you drop your money if its really worth it or if your pocket can really hold it. When I say "pocket" its just your money on hand, of course credit cards are not included and even the money that is not yet in your hand. My parents always reminds us not to lend money just to buy our "wants". If we want something then we need to SAVE until we save the amount for the items. Well especially Mommy ayaw nya na nangungutang talaga just to have something na pwede naman wala. I am thankful dahil sa pinakita nyang ganong lifestyle natuto rin ako. Again, I'm not saying that you need to deprived yourself, the point is to treat yourself with those stuffs in a right way at the right time ('pag may money ka na sympre)
Simplifying your lifestyle doesn't mean you'll be stingy. Sometimes people around us will tell us we're "kuripot" kasi feeling nila tinitipid natin ang sarili natin, what they don't know is we're saving for something we really want. Peer or office pressure are usually on the corner, nagkaayaan magshopping, nakanchawan ka na magtreat, well in that case stick to your goal - simplifying lifestyle and saving.
Why will you settle for something you can't when you have something to enjoy.

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Work because you love it. Work because you want to contribute something to others and to society. Work because you want to support yourself. Work because you want to provide for your family. Work because you want to have something but do not work simply because you want to accumulate MORE STUFF.
Working abroad is not lifetime, sooner or later after years or decade, we will be back home. I heard a lot of fears and worries, stories of rags to riches, complaints and sentiments on how is the economy in the Philippines and comparisons that its better to stay here abroad than to go back home;  but no matter how many years you stayed and worked abroad you will end up to the same sentiments - why? because until you didn't change or simplify your  lifestyle, nothing will change. Economy is a big issue, it requires a big change, so if you want change start it with yourself.
Up to now I'm still working on myself - to simplify my lifestyle to the best I can. If God permits after few months I will be back in Philippines to settle a new life. 7 years working and living in Doha and going back to start again a new life in Philippines will be another challenge for me, there will be lot of adjustments again but I'm willing to take. And I will start it by continuously simplifying my lifestyle.

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