Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shop & Smile

Every girl I guess love shopping specially getting a great deals - sale, discount, promotions. And since its summer I'm sure most of the woman out there will change the haves on their closets from accessories, clothing, bags, and footwear. Am I right ladies? 
But here's one great deal I found today - nagenjoy ka nang magshopping, less gastos kasi online lang and most importantly nakatulong ka pa. Isn't it a great deal?
I'm sure you can really find something that will complete your summer get ups - color your summer from totes to flats they have it!
So where you can have the stuffs? simply buy online at Chicify.com. You can choose a lot of items from different sellers under this site but I'm personally suggesting you to at least choose a Chicify brand so you can able to help their partner Diksyonaryo Atbp  a non-stock group of concerned individuals who envisions a 100% functionally literate Philippines. They collect storybooks, dictionaries and other school learning materials and distribute them to the most depressed communities in the Philippines.
From a simple birthday project in 2009, it has since distributed more than 1,000 storybooks and over 500 dictionaries to schools throughout the country. They believe that it doesn’t take so much to give and we can start by helping raise literacy,one child at a time.
So every time you'll shop with them , just think that you're making at least one child happy :) di ba ang galing ikaw ang nagshopping, naging happy ka then may napasaya ka pa na iba :)

 So what are you waiting for, shoppingera & shoppingero click the link magshopping na magpasaya ng iba ^_^.
And one thing, please please spread the word with your friends, family, colleagues at kung kani-kanino pa, you can post this info to your FB or Tweeter also. The more shops we do, the more kids will be happy.

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