Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Drive 2013

BOOK DRIVE is one of my way in raising funds for a certain charity project or activity - mostly in form of gift giving.
Two years ago when I started to asked the support of my family, friends, brethren, and colleagues if they have a book, used book with them and they are willing to let go. I've got a positive result, its more than my expectation pa nga. I thought I can't gather that much but since its for a good cause naman talaga, Super happy! From then on, some of my colleagues and friends are already the one who's asking when will be the next book drive as they already packed some books to give me.
BOOK DRIVE is the easiest way "for me" to raise fund. I am an office girl, who works 12 hours a day most of the time; I have only one day off in a week. If for some baking goodies is their way to raise fund how I wish I have the passion in the kitchen too but as this moment none. 
For some of you who wants to raise funds for a cause and you want the same outlet as Book Drive, I can suggest to you to just try it but first think of it. 
Organizing a BOOK DRIVE is not that easy. Think first if you can have the "book source" Think of the possible people where you can have ask books; send email or talk to them personally the purpose (beneficiary) of the book drive. 
I don't have a car and for me that's one difficult part in collecting those books. Living abroad where the fare is a bit costly, minsan naiisip ko yung mga ibinayad ko sa carlift or taxi sana naisama ko na sa idodonate..hehehe but still I'm always reminding myself that I need to do that kasi I don't have a choice naman and aside ironic man but its fulfilling not the fare cost ha..hehehe pero yung from the start you did your best to accomplished something na hindi ikaw ang mag-be-benefit pero mas marami kang mapapasaya.
Be ready for a mess. In here I don't have my own room, I have my cousin as my roommate and every time I'm having book drive, mejo sumisikip talaga ang rooms - boxes or bags of books almost in every space na pwedeng mapaglagyan. So if you are like me that you have only limited spaces, be sure that your roommate/ flatmates will understand what are you doing - I mean collecting those used books.
Pricing and advertising. Know your market, not all people like, love, or read books. Be sure you have an idea on how you will sell those books that you have been collected. Since the books are "second hand" or used already you should sell it at least half of the price from its original price, unless the person who donated the book told you that its really new. Take a picture on the books and post it to some social network sites that will really be visible or easily notice by your market. You can send personal email or tag them on the link or picture of the book itself.

Here I go again for another BOOK DRIVE FOR A CAUSE!
All the books to be collected will be a part of BOOK SALE FOR A CAUSE. The money from the book sale will be directly going to help and support the MAY Birthday Project 2013 It's an annual gift giving project to the children of Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Gift giving for us may sounds simple and plain but for the sick children its a huge thing to receive gifts, foods, and most especially love and care from the people they doesn't know personally. And for us to put smiles on their faces and joys to their heart. 

Book lovers, book worms, bibliophile and cheerful givers, guys if you have a books with you and you are willing to donate it and be a part in bringing smiles and joy to the children of PGH on May 18, 2013 for our MAY Birthday Project 2013, this is one of your way to do it. 
Be a part of this BOOK DRIVE FOR A CAUSE and be a reason for the smiles and joys of other.
Thank you
God bless

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:34-35

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