Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodluck and Godbless Mars!

I don't like good byes but every time I think that good bye is one way for ones life to be better, to walk in new path, to reach their dreams I immediately change how I perceive good byes.
Every month more and more staffs in the company are leaving, although its saddened me because I will miss their presence, but on the other hand I am very happy for them to find new career, to fulfill their dreams.

Meet Dolor - one of my very good friend

She is my batch mate in the company. She was hired June 2006 and after few days July 3 ako naman. And since she's from Accounting and I am Procurement most of the time kami ang magka-transaction sa mga trabaho namin. And from then our friendship started and over the years get deeper. Our ties as friends were tightened more when they chose me to be one of the god mother of their first born Andrew. 
We have a lot of memories for more than seven years...
Here are some of the oldest photos we have....

Company parties....
2007 SOJV Year End Party
Colleagues' parties
December 9, 2007 - First Birthday of Kuya Roy's eldest
June 5, 2008 - Ate Agnes Birthday Party
Winter, summer we are together...
We don't have choice ...hahaha just kidding!
nung time na figure conscious pa at sarap na sarap pa sa McVities :-)

From long distance relationship. I witnessed her love story - I mean thru kwento how they started until they get married.
First SOJV Year End with Kuya Sherwin 
When she conceived their first baby...
Baby Shower 
Till the time she gave birth...
Welcome Andrew Shello!
And their first born turned one...
 Happy first birthday Drew!
Birthday Celebrations and Parties with Super Friends...

Until her last day in the office....
Seven years that almost everyday we are together in the office. From the company service till our breakfast. She's the only breakfast buddy I had perfectly for me - yung alam mo na may pagkwekwentuhan ka every morning kung masaya ka may makikitawa sa'yo, kung may problema ka may someone na pwede mong pagsabihan, yung kapag naiiyak ka na at feeling mo magbrebreak down ka, you have someone, who will not only listen you kasi wala syang choice but someone na alam mo na kaibigan mo talaga.
I will miss our lunch break with the SF boys, I'm the only rose na lang...yung masarap na luto nya at ni Kuya Sherwin na lagi nyang ishi-nashare sa amin.
Yung kwentuhan thru emails, phone or by just dropping by on our desk. Wala na akong tatawaging "mars" sa office...
Good byes are really ironic. I'm sad because I will miss her presence that I used to have almost everyday. I will miss the time being with her but on the other hand I am so much happy cos I know she will be in a better hands. And leaving in the company doesn't mean forgetting what the friendship that we have. 
I'm so happy and proud of you Mars!
Good luck and God bless
See you around :-)

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