Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feel Good Anyway

Blogging or a casual writing for me is my outlet to express what I feel and even what I'm thinking. I started writing on 2006 but still I'm not a pro in this field, for me its just a casual writing.
I received comments and compliments every now then but in blog sphere you where you can bump and meet people you don't know personally you can also received critics - I got one and I consider it as constructive one. 
This site is a personal blog site - my own personal views, photos, and if sometimes I borrowed some information I make it sure to quote it or linked it. Honestly, when I am writing I don't expect if others will perceive the same emotions I have when the time I wrote the article or the story. I don't expect other to value what I've done as I value it. I'm not a mindful person in the sense that I don't mind if a person will appreciates me or not or if people around me will love me for who I am or the way I carry myself . Does it make a sense to mention here? Hehehe. So what;s this all about Jen?
Yesterday, one of my "critic" dalawa na sila ng Mommy ko hehehe, but don't get me wrong he is a friend of mine. I consider him actually as a good friend inspite and despite of my other sentiments toward him...hehehe now he knows. I received a message from him regarding on the post I published. He read it on FB and the caption on my FB goes like this
Food + Picture = Food Porn
And here's the link if you doesn't read it yet :  The Foodies, The Food Trippers and The Food Porn
I used to write my blogs impromptu, I mean directly from my computer in a clean page. I don't used to have draft. And if I didn't finish and publish it at the same time I just delete it. So whatever I wrote is from what my mind is thinking at the time I am writing it.
Ok back to the reason why I am writing to you this today. Back to a friend of mine, as I was saying I received a message from him telling that I should use other word to replace the word "porn". Honestly, hindi ko kaagad nakuha why I should replace it. On the first place my idea upon writing the subject is all about food terminology craze. Honestly, I used "porn" not thinking of any other meaning. From the time I used the word, I'm thinking porn as a synonyms of "publishing" " viewing" in tagalog "hayag" "lantaran". 
After I listened to him, I was enlightened and that's the idea behind this post :-)
I learned few things upon what he said to me why I should need to be careful in picking words. Pwede nga namang "food2graph" instead "food porn" 

Few things I realized and learned....
1.Writing skills is a gift from God and it must be use in a good purpose - not to destruct ones mind nor others' personality.
2. Although blog is just a casual article and its more on personal views and opinions, I must be responsible how others will grasp the idea I'm trying to point out.
3. Giving personal views and opinions must be always in a mannered way.
4. People will compliment you how good you are or the article you wrote but accept also that some will not like you, others will hate you or criticize your works or sometimes they just being too personal. Be ready Be open minded to whatever you'll receive in response to your article. Face the consequences if there will be any.
5. Blog is not like a tabloid newspaper that almost all are rumors on others life. Your blog or whatever you post will reflect on your personality. 

Guys, if in any manner I offended you for using the term I sincerely asking for an apology. And assure that I'll try my best not to repeat the same. 
Everyday we encountered people in different ways, and I always think that God send them to me for a purpose. Just thinking if I ever received any compliments from the same person? as far as I remember "no" well that's maybe his purpose in my life - to be my critic, a constructive critic.
People will criticize you for two reasons - to push you up or to pull you down. They will criticize you to show the mess you've done or for you to realize that you can still improve your work.
I am thankful I have friend (s) and people around me who is so loving and caring in reminding most of the time.
Criticism isn't bad at all, its up to you how you will take it or respond on what others trying to say about you, better to tell it directly that you'll learn after na kung kani-kanino na pala sinasabi ang mga bagay about you, at least if you know may possibility ka kaagad na gawin kung anong pwede mo gawin over that thing.
But be noted critics never ever criticize someone if you don't know them well and if you don't understand the situation.
So I hope everything will continuously to be fine. If you have any comments or every post I am posting or even the old ones , you are free to put comment on the comment box or you can email me at:

Thank you guys for sparing your time reading my blogs ^_^
Have a great blessed day
God bless us all


  1. have you earned anything from blogging?

    1. financially speaking - no
      but i gained people and become my friends through blogging


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