Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to Work

After 4 days holiday as in literally no work ^_^ I am now back to reality. Sorry guys if I was not able to post anything during those days. I enjoyed my holiday so much, although I just stayed here in Doha its worth enjoying every day with people I treasure and love, enjoying time with myself and some foodie I craved - don't you ever wonder nor ask me if I gained weight (again) cos the answer is definitely "yes". 

Monday oh Monday! parang Pinas lang na Monday ang first day of work. And since my holiday is over and I started work again, para balance I'm back to blogging too! Yup namiss ko ang blogsphere though I checked almost every night naman pero namiss ko talaga, so expect some posts from my Eid holiday - the food trips, the mall(s) tour and the bonding I have with people I love. No hotel hopping, no beaches nor sunrise, only Doha - the city life.

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