Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#ENDviolence Against Children

One of my post on my Facebook account last few days is my LSS - "Bawat bata sa ating mundo ay may pangalan, may karapatan..." And every time I heard that song I can't help myself to think those children on the street begging for food, innocent children that need to work instead of being in school, children who are beaten by their own parents and even those who serves as their guardian to protect and give love. Let's face it, its not only in the movie na may mga bata na nagagamit sa mga maling gawain ng mga sindikato or ng kung sino-sinong tao, nakakalungkot pero totoo. Kahit saang bansa yata may mga ganitong scenario, dala nga ba ito ng kahirapan? may magagawa pa tayo to stop those maltreatment? kung may magagawa ka, are you willing to do and give your part?
The simplest definition I got about child abuse - it is the physical, mental, sexual or emotional maltreatment or neglect to a child or children.  This plain definition is not as simple as that as child abuse or violence against children can happen everywhere, I remember one commercial ads aired way back years in Philippines "safe ka ba sa bahay mo?' How many featured lives of maltreatment, violence and crime of children were seen in documentary shows in tv, in the news and in newspaper that those violence happened even inside the house.
As a Filipino citizen, single ka man, may kapatid or wala, we must be aware on the rights of the children. Under the Civil-Family Code, CHILD AND WELFARE CODE children has so many rights that we must observe and provide to them. We must be aware of that, hindi mo pwedeng sabihin na hindi mo alam ang batas at wala kang pakialam sa welfare ng bata kasi di mo naman kaano-ano, ok fine, pero kaya ba ng konsensya mo?
UNICEF (United Nation Children's Fund), works for children's rights and survival, development and protection. Last July 31, 2013 UNICEF launched the #END Violence against children.
Through some infographics UNICEF are continuously trying to open the eyes of each individual about violence against children.
Did you know that...



According to UNICEF, violence against children is everywhere but people turn a blind eye. Its hidden behind closed doors. Its invisible.
All children has the right to live free from violence. Violence which harms them physically, emotionally and mentally. Violence that hinder them to live normal and at peace.
Violence against children is entirely preventable, when and if only people come together and say its not acceptable. Lets make the invisible visible and fight the rights of the children. End the violence against them.
Join the global movement to end violence against children!

Simple right? so lets start spreading #ENDviolence and help those children who are suffering violence.
I want to take this opportunity also to invite you to support UNICEF Philippines on their campaigns and projects protecting our own Filipino children.  You can be a volunteer and take action on children's rights or be a part of "champions for children" Helping children to survive and thrive is a team effort. That is why UNICEF Philippines counts on corporate and individual donations to continue its work for children all over the archipelago. Click here if you want to donate - DONATE NOW
In same date when UNICEF launch the #ENDviolence, an independent film BOSES was shown in all SM cinemas. 

"Boses (Voices) is the story of a musician named Ariel who offers violin lessons to a child of the slums. Through the violin, the abused child Onyok is able to get back his voice from a mute, desensitized existence. A violin teacher and his student, a mute 7-year old abused child in a shelter, develop a friendship stemming from their love of music. Ariel discovers the immense talent of Onyok hiding behind a veneer of silence and pain caused by an unhappy and cruel father. In the developing relationship of teacher and student, both characters reveal more of themselves that otherwise may have remained unspoken. They discover each other's strengths and failures through the violin lessons"

Moviegoers who watched Boses in SM cinemas also seen the Invisible video featuring UNICEF ambassador Liam Neeson; the heartbreaking video that urges people to speak out and respond to the issue of child protection is appended to the Boses main picture.
I read some reviews that it was also shown in some depressive areas in Metro Manila where children were gathered in gymnasium as well as parents to watch the movie. Its one way of educating people as well and spread the campaign of UNICEF.
After the movie, UNICEF are also explaining their campaign on ending the violence against the children.
Sabi ni Rizal "ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan" but how can we fulfilled it kung sa murang edad pa lamang ay napapariwara na ang buhay nila. How can we have good leaders if our children today is on the street and working hard instead of studying inside their classrooms. Maybe you'll think I'm being an idealist pero isipin natin nasa kanila talaga nakakasalalay kung anong future ang meron sa mga susunod na generation. Kung hindi natin sila aalagaan at mamahalin baka wala nang susunod na henerasyon.
All of us once in our life became a child, we are blessed that we didn't experience violence, so may those happy memories we have on our childhood will be an inspiration to move and fight the rights of the children today. Nobody wants violence but if we will just keep our eyes blind and lips closed many children will continue to suffer.
By simply sharing this information, we will able to help

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate. - Psalm 127:3-5

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