Monday, November 21, 2011

Regalo at Pasalubong

I am blessed with generous friends and people around me. I love receiving gifts, lahat naman siguro..hehehe but what i love in accepting those is the message behind that - that they remember me and they do love me :)

An early Christmas gifts from my best friend Tita Chie a.k.a Tita Ninang. She really knows whats best fit on me, a set of pearl accessories - necklace, earrings and bracelet. Super I love this set especially its pearl :)

Another from Tita Ninang :) pasalubong from her trip in Thailand. Sobrang natouch ako kasi even we're not seeing each other for quite sometimes di nya ako talaga nakakalimutan.

I envy his bag tag...hahaha kaya sa takot nya siguro na kuhanin ko yung bag tag nya, he bought me one when he went on vacation. Thanks Annilo a.k.a Bunso

People who are closed to me knows that I am a shoe fetish, I don't care about the brand nor the price even the cheapest one ok sa akin but no one among my friends give me a shoes instantly, I mean yung niregaluhan ako then it fits me, usually I am going with them to the mall and they pay for it, kaya naman super nasurprise din ako when a newly found friend gave me spad style shoes and its fit right - parang sinukat talaga :) Thank you Ronnel :)

He never fails to bring us pasalubong in his every trip and just few weeks ago, he went to Sri Lanka and this nice photo frame ang pasalubong nya. Thanks Marvin :) nice nice nice

Super thank you friends ^_^ I know in every gift I received there is a message saying " hey I remember you "

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