Saturday, July 6, 2013

Selfie Saturday

How you're weekend guys?
 I know I owe you doses of post continuation of Katara gala, Dubai tour and for those who are asking me my post about the site tour at Hamad International Airport I did with my co-Procurement ladies last July 3, I'll try to post it within this week (hopefully).
For now let's hit the Saturday with a SELFIE SATURDAY :-)
Recently you can see so many photos in different social medias featuring their own self that's what you call "selfie" - photo taken by one own self capturing his/her own face. Picture picture lang din ng sarili 'pag may time.
Ayon sa aking friend na si Wiki -  A selfie is a genre of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated with social networking and photo sharing services such as Facebook, and Instagram, where they are commonly posted. They are often casual, are typically taken either with a camera held at arm's length or in a mirror, and may include only the photographer or other people as well.

I love photos but I'm not really into "selfie". I'd rather take picture without myself and just the view, but don't get me wrong guys if you enjoyed taking selfie there's nothing wrong with that, its you.
I'm about to grab some selfie pictures from my friends album just to best describe you what are the kinds of selfie we see often, pero ayaw ko naman mademanda ..hahaha, I'd just get some photos publicly displayed in the web.
Here are some kinds of selfie that I know and commonly displays on social media sites.
Selfie in bed
"Good morning" or "still awake" are the usual captions you can read from selfie pictures taken in bed. Honestly I don't see the point of taking pictures on bed, ni hindi pa nga yata nakakahilamos ng mukha picture picture agad -agad. Hmmm baka naman bago ang bed sheets? or newly painted ang room nya

Still awake? e paano ka nga makakatulog nyan kung ang inaatupag mo when you're in your bed is magpicture ng sarili...haysss, picture picture din sabay "good night".
Selfie in car
Stuck in traffic in a car? naka-red light buti na lang my camera phone....picture picture muna :-) Guys, if you love to take a selfie picture in the car still focus on the traffic light, baka mamaya naka-go na pala picture ka pa ng picture...
I hate myselfie
Bored, emo, stressed, sick...selfie pa rin? This one ang hindi ko ma-get ang point bakit you still need to take picture of yourself when you are not feeling good then post it for your network's viewing. Duh?! you're asking for sympathy? well if yes I don't think its the best way to have. Isn't it best to have a selfie when you're happy and well?
Dressing myselfie
Almost all the dressing rooms in the mall have mirror, so thanks to them, for without them dressing myselfie will not as successful as you see on your news feed.
So what's the purpose? hmmm maybe they just want to ask their friends approval before buying the dress - if the fit is fine to them or if its worth it on its price.
Let me try this next time :-)
New look Selfie
Newly cut or dye hair, its either still on the parlor facing the mirror and taking his/her own self then upload and post agad-agad :-) I tried it before but that is due to boredom for 8 hours sitting in front of the mirror while hair treatment is on going.
Foodie Selfie
One of the famous selfie that you can see, so don't be get surprise when you see someone who's taking the picture before eating - the background are the foods or the name of the restaurant or hotel. Hmmm..maybe they just want to take a souvenir photo of what they have on their plate that day :-)
OOTD Selfie
This is one of the famous selfie that you can see, even the celebrities are doing this OOTD - Outfit of the Day. I've been reading few blogs and most of them they have OOTD selfie picture almost everyday. Hmmm..I guess having an OOTD selfie will only push you to buy more and more clothes...sympre parang artista lang matatandaan nang mga network friends kapag nag-ulit ka ng outfit, yet on the positive side you will always desire to be at your best.
And how about this one... 
Myselfie at the CR
Thank you again sa mga naglalakihang mga mirror mirror on the wall you can take a whole body picture of how you look like that day. But don't be surprise if you ended to see a bath tub or wash basin as background- its part of their drama.
Some took a myselfie  at the CR usually if their first time to be in that place like hotels..hmm I did it but its not selfie cos someone is holding the camera for me. :-)
These are few "selfies" that we commonly see on social media posts. Honestly sometimes I find selfie post as ka-OA-yan lang, just to post something but I have said I'm not that against on selfie post maybe it because of the captions indicated that's why minsan nakakainis ..hahaha, nainis daw talaga ako bigla :-) Take note guys "selfie" doesn't mean a solo picture but even in a group and you took a picture by just holding the cam/camera phone including you.
I've got selfies too :-)
How about you, do you have any selfie photo? 
Its not bad to have once in awhile, wag lang sana lahat ng post selfie kasi baka instead na "selfie" matawag ka ng "selfie-sh" 
Happy Selfie Saturday!


  1. hahaha im not a selfie type of person too but once in a while i take some selfie photos pero super dalang, like last week i did one to show my big eye bags! hahaha

    1. ok lang naman na once in a while kahit ako nagse-selfie pic ako, wag lang yung halos lahat na ng pic selfie..hehehe kahit wala namang kaselfie-selfie :-)


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