Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Back, and Its All About Family

I had a great weekend. And its all about family. 
I started on Thursday night, a welcome home pizza night for Baby Red :-) I'll make separate post to introduce you guys who is she. But for now let me just give you some reviews to films I watched.

Four Sisters and A Wedding
Ever since I saw the trailer of the movie I think two months ago, I know it will be another hit. The movie is the 20th Anniversary presentation of Star Cinema, and no wonder on its cast.
Honestly, I didn't expect that I can relate to the movie.  Sa story ang dami nilang magkakapatid while ako isa lang ang kapatid ko. But when the "drama scene" na when Bea a.k.a Bea brought out the sentiments she have for the family yun na, crayola to the max. Honestly I have the same sentiments as Bobbie and I even brought it out to my parents as well. Yung feeling na kahit anong academic achievement na mareceived ko parang wala lang sa kanila, they will not take leave on their office para kumuha ng report card ko, sometimes among the top 10 ako lang ang walang parents na kumukuha, and one time nung naging dean's list ako I'd rather na hindi na lang sabihin sa kanila nalaman na lang nila the next semester na. I started to compare na bakit kapag yung brother ko kapag ipinatatawag sa guidance or principal's office nale-leave sila, bakit kapag ang report card nya failed pumupunta sila sa school. I heard from Coney Reyes the same words I heard from my mom before, they know that I can and I'm strong and responsible so ang kailangang mas alalayan is yung mas mahina. Mas lalong tumindi ang pagcry ko..hehehe

Insights and lessons I learned:

1. There's no perfect family. 
2. Each siblings are different from each other, sabi nga kung 10 kayong magkakapatid may 10 traits na iba't iba rin. There will be rivalry, competition, tampuhan but the end of the day family pa rin. They are your number supporters, they are your safety net when you fall. People in our lives will come and go but believe me family will always stay with you no matter what.
3. Don't judge people. Sometimes we easily judging people without even notice na naiinggit na pala tayo. Sometimes kapag may mga tao sa paligid natin na nakakaanggat sa atin instead na matuwa tayo for them, pilit at pilit tayong hahanap ng mali on them hanggang ipahamak na tayo ng doubt natin sa kanila.
4. Forgive, accept, love and respect each other. God chose each other to be a part of our family, hindi dahil black sheep or tambay or hindi achiever is wala ng kwenta. Each member of the family has its own role for each other, to mold and to be the best of each other.
5. Favoritism among children really affects. I am not a parent yet but I guess its hard sometimes for parents not to have favorite especially if the family is big. But remember Mommy and Daddy having favorite may lead to have disunity, jealousy and envy within the family. So parents must really draw close to God, ask wisdom on how to raise their children in Godly way. Each person is unique as each sibling is different from each other they have their own strength and weakness and they are special in their own way.
6. Working hard for family is really all worth it. I guess that's one the best trait of Filipinos being a family oriented and our strong family ties. Sometimes we experiencing to sacrifice even our own dreams and happiness for our family to have their own. But no matter how difficult we've been through, at the end its all paid off by a sweet gestures and assurance that they are happy.

I suggest to you to watch it, it will not only make you laugh and cry but its really a story a meaningful story. A story of forgiveness and acceptance, relationships, family ties and unconditional love.

I am Sam
At last I was able to watched it! I heard this movie from my cousin, this is one of her favorite movie and after watching it I think it will be on my favorites list as well.

I am Sam is a story of a mentally retarded (due to Autism) man who fights for his 7 years old daughter and in the process teaches his cold hearted lawyer to be to value of love and family. It was shown 2001 but the story is really classic.
Kung sa Four sisters ay cryaola ako dito super crayola talaga. I can't help to imagine how many normal parents just left their children and abandoned their children because they are afraid to accept the responsibility.

1. Love is all you need to be a parent, to be a father in Lucy's case. Its not the diploma or the IQ of a person that can fulfill the love and care that a child is longing.
2. Finding the real you and accepting who you are. Learning to love who you are and letting others love you for who you are. Sometimes we have so many insecurities, but look at the people around you, why they are happy, contented and fulfilled in life despite of disabilities or lack of material things in life. Its because they learned to accept and love themselves.
3. We learned from each person we meet. Don't think that because a person is not as brilliant as you, he can't impart anything to you. Lessons in life are mostly acquired not through learning but through experiences that we encounter.

As I checked other reviews for this film, I found out that this is included to the top 10 films on the bucket list. I am pretty sure guys you'll love the film too, you'll appreciate more your parents and even people that surrounds you.
Click here for the full movie link : I am Sam
Family is one of the best blessing a person can have. Love and value one another, in the end they are the one that we can only have when the world walk out.

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