Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday Rules

I love keeping memories, recalling moments and stories how it was, and I really enjoying seeing old photos. Thanks to social medias I can do it now every Thursday, thanks for the Throwback Thursday!
Let's talk about Throwback...
According to urban dictionary "throwback" is a sudden reminder of the past. It can be brought by hearing a song in highschool, seeing an ex, or anything that is similar to flashback
If you can post selfie after every minute you captured photo of yourself, here in throwback you can't do that, here's the rule for posting like a pro.

Every photos have stories, I'm sure of that and believe me or not I'm sure that you'll always recall it whenever you see it. There were song that when we suddenly heard remind us people - old friends, the life we had, our generations, etc.
I'll try to give you at least one or two "#tbt" every week and the story behind of those post, and I encourage you to do the same. Just try it, for sure in every post you will start reminiscing - maybe we have some bitter pieces in the past but as you go along recalling it you'll be boosted you - I mean look at you now, isn't you are better than your yesterday? and if not make your today an inspiration and motivation to strive harder.

2006  Al Sadd Days
Al Sadd Doha is closed to my heart, even I only lived on that place for almost 2 years, it brought me so much memories. I started in Al Sadd together with cousins - we called each other "hausemates" or "Doha family" Everything is plain and simple but full of joy and happiness.

The First Best Buy
When I first arrived here in Doha I noticed that people really loves to shop, lagi naming naririnig ni ate Che yung Landmark, even don sa mga nakasabay namin sa airport papunta dito. Maganda daw kasi don compare sa City Center, although that time we have no idea how City Center looks like, no comparison at all. And since most of te time kami ang magkasama kasi our cousins are working so habang naghahanap-hanap ng work, one afternoon na nabored kami, sumakay kami ng taxi carpool pa nga, that time di pa namin alam na bawal pala yon, one week pa lang kami. We asked the kabayan driver na ihatid kami sa Landmark, and to our surprise ang layo pala, so since bago lang daw kami dito kabayan driver asked us just to pay QR30, mura pa yon ha pero kapag ikinonvert into peso mahal na rin. Anyways, yan ang di ko yata natutunan dito ang magconvert and if there were times naman na magconvert ako I make it sure na reasonable naman. Pag pasok pa lang sa Landmark...ay oh tukso layuan mo ako! almost all of the shops are on sale. We end up into shopping instead of job hunting :-) I bought this Mango blouse for myself, the same but different color for my mom at QR49 and a Per Una - Mark & Spencer pink diary at QR 29. When we arrived home sabi ni Tita try ko daw magconvert kung magkano na kaagad ang nashopping ko e to think nga naman na wala pa akong work that time, plus yung transport fare and yung meal pa na kinain sa mall...tsk tsk. I still have that blouse until now, I mean gave it Mommy cos hindi na kasya hahaha, and the diary I'm still keeping it, actually hindi naman sya naging diary naging directory sya ng mga company and contact number ng mga inaapplyan ko that time :-)
 O di ba inosenteng - inosente pa ako and never mind the "payat" look pa ako jan, its given na ano..wala pa akong budget na pangkain kung saan saan that time, hahaha

When Boredom Strikes....

I have my cousins with me, that's one of the blessing that I will always be grateful.  The first day I stepped my feet in Doha I feel sadness, homesickness maybe. On our way pa lang from airport, parang ang lungkot na ng paligid paano ba naman walang kakulay-kulay ang mga building, halos lahat cream, and that time halos wala kang makikitang mga puno basta ibang -iba, buti na lang after 7 years colorful Doha na rin ito :-)
This photo was taken one night na bored na bored kaming lahat, ito yung time na nagsawa na kami manuod ng manuod ng movies sa DVD at nagsawa na rin kaming makipagchat sa kung sino-sino...hahaha, hausemates remember those days kapag bored na bored tayo dahil wala pang Facebook noong mga panahong yon ang Friendster boring naman and all we have is one laptop ni Sze and Shawn kaya don pa tayo nagchachat sa room nila at kung sino-sino ang chinachat sa YM chatroom si Denden ang ifro-front sa cam at pag narinig si Lolo or Lola ay biglang iclo-close :-)
We are not living together in one flat anymore but every now and then we see each other. Super nakakamiss but in a way being separated from each other taught us a lesson - to love and support each other more. Family is always the best!
That's for this week guys, try to reminisce for sure ako mag-eenjoy din kayo :-)
Happy Throwback Thursday!

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