Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Seven Years in SOJV

Today marks my 7th year in the company I am working! - Sky Oryx Joint Venture
The company who trusts me to be a part of the organization; the company who molds and teach me professionally; the company who I consider as my bread and butter; the company who bless me and even the people I am supporting.
Thank you so much!
My heart is full of thanks giving. Thank you to all the people I've worked and working with; thank you to my bosses and mentor; thank you to my Procurement Department family; thank you to all the friends I've gained; thank you to my Super Friends who are my refuge in the office when stressful days are passing. Super thank you to all people who discouraged  and treated me badly, I am tough as I am today because of those words and actions that you once did to me, honestly no bitterness in my heart. To all who doesn't like me, sorry if I ruin your day every time you see me but thank you for wasting your time on me, I guess you are not the one who's reading this post kasi kung isa ka sa kanila at nagbabasa ka ng post na ito, ay love mo na ako nyan, friends na rin tayo :-) I just write my #1note to myself
Don't think that everything went smoothly to me for seven years - a big "NOT"! I've been to long adjustments, I cried so many tears not only because I'm physically tired of what I am doing but even due to people around me. There were times I also that I wish I'm in the other company who gives higher salary than what I am receiving, there were time I envied others because I see that their company is better than what I have, but thank you Lord for reminding me that You placed me in here and You have a great plan for me being in this company.
Imagine, if I just give up you have nothing to read now :-) just kidding!! but honestly I don't perceived myself where I am now if SOJV didn't give a chance. Kaya super thank you talagang talaga SOJV!
And a part of any celebration is reminiscing...
Maki-throw back tayo kahit hindi pa Thursday :-)
 with SOJV former Deputy Project Manager - Mr. Yusuf
First day at work is a party night!
June 3, 2006, my first day of work in the Al Emadi Business Centre office, afternoon then when I was informed that there will a company party that night at Ramada Hotel (now Radisson). I remember our former HR manager jokingly told me "its a party for you, its your first day and its a welcome party for you!" The party is to give way the formal contract signing between Taisei Corporation and TAV. At dahil first day ko sa work bawal mag-refuse na umattend so guess what time I got home 2:00 am or 3 and need to wake up early for the next day of work.
The photo above is the first and only photo I have on my files, I don't have digital camera yet that time and the only i have on my hand is my camera phone na VBA 3.5mm pa lang, hindi pa uso yung megapixel ang resolution.
If we will talk about memories I have a lotsssssss and most of it are best describes through photos. Nanghalukay muna ako sa baul ng mga natatagong larawan, some are faded and blurred pa pero visible pa naman yung mga face. 
Here are some out of thousands photos with the people I worked and some are still working with, friends that I met and have up to now - but all of them are part of my seven years. And I am thankful to all of you guys for sharing with me a fulfilled seven years.
 First SOJV Annual Party 2006 at Ramada Hotel
First Dinner with the bosses at Intercontinental Hotel
Ang hirap kasabay ng mga boss hindi makakain ng mabuti, I remember PM Horikawa san is asking so many questions hindi ako nabusog..hehehe. And aside I'm hosting the party then for the transition of Tawada san and Sato san. Kabado pa kasi I heard the incoming boss Sato san is very strict "daw", well I proved it wrong.
 First batch of SOJV Procurement Team
Among those staffs, 4 na lang kami na natitira - Mr. HK, Mr. Chadi, Mr. Bishu and me.
First Procurement Team Christmas Party 2007 at Oasis Hotel
Second batch of SOJV Procurement Team at Japanese Villa
Celebrated Valentines Day 2009 at Rumailah Hospital
Meet Ate Rebecca (holding flowers), she's our former assistant secretary who passed away here in Doha due to cancer. You will always be remembered ate.
SOJV 2009 Basketball League
Procurement - Admin Team not won not because the players are not good, but we are only few players halos lahat nasa loob wala man lang substitution, anyways we got the BEST SPORT TEAM  :-)
First time to be an emcee in a big party as SOJV Annual Party 2009
So far that year I guess not because I'm a part of the party itself pero yon ang pinakamasaya. And so far among the annual party yon lang ang umabot until midnight kasi nga super nagenjoy ang lahat sa "band theme" Thanks to the program organizer for believing in me :-)
First time that almost all Filipino in the office wear same color of shirt
Hindi lang mga Filipino sa Pinas ang nakiisa sa pagkawala ni former President Cory Aquino even us here, we did our part.
First outside Friday gala with friends at work
First outreach I went in Doha 
I never thought that by simply forwarding the email that I received asking help for 36 Filipinos in Qatar will open the heart of many and turned out that we personally are the one who handed all the donations to our kababayan. The scenario I've seen on how they survive opened my heart and eyes to help even in a simple and little way other fellow Filipinos in need who are like me an OFW.
Third batch of SOJV Procurement Team
First time to organize donation drive with friends at work for Typhoon Sendong
Super nakakapagod pero doble triple pa nga ang fulfillment na naramdaman namin after we sent all the donations we've collected in the office. Nakakatuwa isang email lang ang daming nagrespond even our subcontractors, halos araw-araw dumadagsa ang mga donations yung iba sa warehouse na ng company muna namin ipinahabilin. It only proves na kapag ginusto natin na tumulong kaya-kaya especially kung sama-sama :-)

I have so many memorable memories in SOJV - sharing important days of my seven years working with them and even staying here in Doha. This might be my last year in the company as the project is soon to end but I will always cherish all the people I met and all the experiences I had. 
I owe a lot to people who in a way molded me and taught me to fight in a good fight.
 who in a way makes each day lighter even tired and stressed...
 To all the friends I had and have, the friendship doesn't end inside the working place...
 Its already tested - through happiness and sorrow....
 Wherever we go....
The friendship will always stay.

SOJV and the people who I met along this journey will always be in my heart wherever I go. Seven years for some is still short but for me its an achievement :-)
Seventh year here might be the last but its always be worth it and special. Thank you so much to all of you. I am wishing all of us success in our future.
Thank you Lord for everything. I give back all the honor, praises and thanksgiving to You


  1. SOJV..... Well, its a great company with few greedy evil persons. I'm a worker at the NDIA Project under the fire-warden department. I'm using this medium to express our situation right now. We 've worked for about 2 months(June and July) now and still not received any payments. We 've been lied too by our respective heads(HR,Fire Warden Manager)that payments are always made on the 25th of the next month to receive for the present month(ie. We wait till july 26th to receive june's salary). Even till date bn the 30th of July 2013, we haven't received any salary be it for any of the two months.. We don't know why our salaries are been delayed even when we work from 6am-6pm daily.. We believe some few people within the management are really spoiling the name of the company, SOJV with their acts and actions.. We kindly implore the management to get to the bottom of this issue.. Thank you very much.. Regards FIRE WARDENS

    1. Dear Mr. Firewarden,
      Honestly I am hesitant to publish your comment, not because I don't care about your issue on the company I am working. I am grateful, thankful and blessed working in SOJV and I can't blame you if you have your sentiments regarding the company. As the flow of the comment you are not working directly on our company, you are from manpower agency. And I understand your sentiments regarding your salary. I am working in Procurement Department and all the purchase order are passing to us, and I am the one who's personally processing for circulation, we can help you if it has to do with processing the purchase orders and help you to ask our accounting staff regarding the payment. You can give other data (like what manpower agency you are,and if in case you're holding any documents like PO copy or invoice) it would be easy for me to check. As you have said you are a fire warden so you are working under our SOJV (main contractor) Safety Department, right?
      Kindly post in here your email and I'll try to get in touch as soonest.
      Thank you
      God bless

  2. Sis, I was searching for an article with SOJV tag and this blog of your appeared. Maybe you should this as well. Baka may idea ka :)


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