Monday, July 29, 2013

Love Bracelet by Cartier

Most of the girls love accessories, for some its already a staple of their everyday outfit. Like most women, I love to wear at least a piece - a simple yet elegant will really complete your outfit.
I've seen this bracelet on some fashion sites and eyeing this to have until I came across to an article about the bracelet itself. I found out that I'm not qualified buyer? Let's find out why and check if you're qualified or not as well.
Yup you see it right girls, bracelet from Cartier, simple, classic, and elegant.  Honestly matagal ko na syang gusto pero dahil Cartier sya kinalimutan ko na lang muna...hahaha

For sure you've noticed many celebrities are already wearing this, because aside from its simplicity and elegance this jewelry is also a symbol of chastity.  Cartier love jewelry collection includes ring as well. 
The story about the Cartier love bracelets goes back to 1969 when late Aldo Cipullo created the Cartier chastity bracelet as his very own interpretation of chastity belt. 
I see so may chastity belt pala talaga ang alam ko lang kasi chastity ring, meron din palang belt. 
It was believed that chastity belt was a device where husband locked around their wives' waist to ensure fidelity while they are away. The bracelet locks around the wrist and comes with a tiny screwdriver. The locking of the bracelet symbolizes eternal love, and once the bracelet goes around the wrist it isn't easily remove, and the only way to remove it is through the screwdriver.
O di ba, mas matindi pa sya sa wedding ring na bato bato sa langit yung iba kapag nakatalikod na ang asawa hala tinatanggal na, tsk tsk tsk. Isn't it a great idea if instead of ring, love bracelet na lang? 
Like any other jewelry brand Cartier issued a policy on selling their love bracelet. Would you believe that not all even you have money can buy this? Yup unless otherwise your partner will buy it for you. No customer can purchase the Cartier love bracelet for themselves.
Do you think what's the reason of Cartier? 
So for you ladies you need to drop off some hints to your man to buy for you and or vice versa.
So in short, hindi pa talaga ako pwede bumili nito...pagiipunan ko muna para if ever na ayaw akong bili I'll just give him money to buy for me,hahaha
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  1. OMG what a pretty bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
    Women's bracelets

  2. My dad bought one for me. ❤️


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