Thursday, July 25, 2013

Basic yet Essential on Neckline, Jeans, and Dress

Let's go back to fashion 101 class :-)
Every woman has its own favorite accessories out of her box but sometimes no matter how many and how fashionable they are it doesn't look attractive when you wear it.
So here are some infographics to help you and me on how to wear right staples on a certain outfit.

Neckline and Necklace
I'm not that much on wearing necklace but I have my own rule on having it as a part of my outfit. Here are some of my personal tips:
1. Buy a classic piece, classic in the sense that you can wear it flexibly no matter how formal or casual your outfit.
If you doesn't have pearl necklace yet I suggest you to have, its the most timeless piece a woman can have. Second woman's best friend of course diamond is the first on line. You can wear it weather your in dress, jeans or even on your summer get up.

2. Use bold necklace for a simple and plain top, but use the simplest you have for printed top.
3. Be sure not to over accessorize. If you are wearing dangling or chandelier earrings do not use bold necklace, sometimes it would be better not to wear necklace and stick only to a fab earrings.

Shoes and Jeans

Dress to Marry
Don't be a dress victim on your next party, if you don't have an idea yet on which cut will best fit on you, check this.

These are only simple and basic guidelines but essential. Its important to know which one will be best suited to us, it will really help us to look more beautiful, and feel good. 
And girls, the more we are aware to which one will be best fitted to us the more we can save. So don't be a messy dressy woman, just be informed and aware and for sure you'll be gorgeous.

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