Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kapit Bisig Kapamilya

Since last week we're passing tough times, but despite of all the things we're going through we are so much thankful to the Lord, He never let us down. Truly He is our hope and refuge, His ways are really amazing and all things are really possible to Him.
The entire week is really hard but everyday bring us lessons in life. One of our cousin here in Doha was admitted to the hospital and its not like any ordinary fever or minor operation that will last only for weeks or a month to heal. Due to some complications there are some procedures that was done He stayed in the hospital for almost a week and undergone several tests. 
"Bawal magkasakit" that is the common motto you'll heard if you're working here in abroad. Actually not really because of the hospital bills or any medication related issues, as long as you have your health card naman the bill is not as expensive compare to hospitals in Philippines. It's difficult in a way that you can't work of course and you have only few people or sometimes none to be with you in the hospital. Even you have some relatives or family here not all the time they can be with you as they need to work as well, ang hirap talaga unlike sa Pinas na anytime you can file leave of absent, sometimes one day absent pa lang big deal na sa company.
Its good thing its Ramadan, some of my cousins are dismissed from work earlier than the usual, so after work they go to the hospital and stay there. And since our Ramadan timings are just like the usual office hours, after 7pm or 8pm pa ako nakakapunta sa hospital. Thanks to our driver for being supportive in dropping me there. Just the same week I found out that my hypotension was back again, and now I'm back in taking vitamins and some fruits to help me gain my blood pressure to normal.  Because of that also I need to have complete sleep hours. Thanks to my cousins Ate Che and Leslie for taking so much care and sacrifices being with Kuya in the hospital, rotation sila sa pagtulog sa hospital and sometimes walang tulog talaga then they still need to go to work. Thanks to Ate Rachelle too for guiding and supporting us especially among us sya lang ang medical practitioner, to Jep and Josephine for spending time in the hospital instead on a date, to Aldous for even we know na nakakapagod din talaga ang magdrive at puyat ka, you never say "no" to us, to Eiyah na kahit pagod ka instead na itutulog mo na lang nagbantay ka pa rin kay kuya, to Tita Sylvia and Tito Abet kahit wala po kayo, really prayer works, to Peach thanks :-) and to Baby Red for putting smiles on our face kahit pagod na kami, thanks Baby!. Kapit bisig talaga ang labanan.
There are so many issues aside from that, and we only have each other. Ang hirap pala talaga na walang matanda, I mean yung nagmamatanda - our aunt and uncle are in the Philippines for their vacation kaya talagang wala kaming choice kungdi kami ang gumalaw at magsupport sa isa't isa. Almost every hour or less we communicate and even our families in the Philippines. Thanks to the technology, its easier and of course no cost at all to keep updated.
And for the past week, I really learned so much lessons in life
Family will always be your family. God put you to be in one family because He has plans for each other. Sabi ko nga lagi walang perpektong pamilya, all we need to do is open our heart bigger than our eyes. Minsan may tampuhan, away or samaan ng loob but in times of problems pamilya pa rin ang magiging takbuhan natin. And if ikaw ang hinihingan ng tulong magdadamot ka ba? isipin mo na lang kung hindi pamilya ang tutulong sino pa?
If there's one lesson in life that I'm really feed my mind and my heart its empathy. Lagi kong iniisip what if ako yung nasa kalagayan nya, what if sa akin nangyari yon, may tutulong kaya sa akin. Sabi nga kelangan ang good deeds ipinapasa sa iba, ikinakalat. Isipin mo na lang kung tinulungan mo sya ngayon for sure hindi man nya maibalik sa'yo sa ibang nangangailangan nya ito ibabalik.
Tough times are not the time to give up. Uplift one another by thinking of the possible solutions to overcome the situations, to encourage one another and not to discourage. Its not the time to point out who's to blame.
Be positive.
Support one another. There are many ways in supporting each other, sometimes even the simplest message can help to ease the burden, to assure that you are behind and ready to help even in the simplest little thing you know.
Prayer is the best weapon to fight any kind of battle.
Always remember that everything happens for a reason. God's ways are not ours. He knows what's the best for us and all we need is to trust and continue to hold unto Him. I received some revelations from the Lord as we experienced tough times, and I'm super thankful talaga.
I know that the storm is not yet over and ngayon pa lang I lift up and commit everything to the Lord. He has better reasons than us, and all we need to do is to walk continuously until we end up to finish line.
There's always a rainbow after the rain, we know that each of us has its own lesson learned. And whatever God's reason for all of these, we claimed that its all for our own good. Wala namang ibibigay si Lord na di natin makakayanan di ba.
As Romans 8:28 says "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who has been called according to His purpose"
Today is a start of a new week.
Lord continue to be with us. We trust in You and lift up everything. Your will and not ours be done. Amen

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