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Qatar Law on ID and Others

Being an expatriate in other countries, we MUST always follow their rules, policies, regulations, and laws. I mean not only in other countries, much more in our own countries, how I wish all Filipinos has a heart and mind to follow even the simplest laws in the Philippines.
I remember my former professor in MPA, Judge Norberto Arellano said "kung gusto nating maging katulad ng ibang bansa we need to replace Filipinos" - get the logic guys? We cannot totally change Philippines, I mean 100% but we can eradicate or minimize disobedient and live as abiding citizen. Sometimes I just wondered too, bakit nga kapag nasa ibang bansa ang bilis nating sumunod, pero kapag sarili nating mga batas sa Pilipinas, complain before obey muna, hindi ba pwedeng obey first before you complain.
Early this morning, I saw several posts on Facebook about Qatar ID and the fine you need to pay if you will be check without having it with you.
Qatar ID is the residence permit ID card of each person who are living in Qatar whether your are a citizen or expatriate. It is a proof that you are a legal resident of Qatar. When I arrived here in Qatar 2006, may mga nagchecheck talaga na mga authorities, one night they are in the R/A then bigla nilang ipapa-stop ang sasakyan at ichecheck ang Qatar ID that time wala pa kaming ID kasi few days pa lang kami, pero we have our passports and visa, good thing isang ID lang ang hiningi sa pinsan ko lang, sya rin kasi ang nagdadrive.
Recently, Qatar changes from time to time its policies in securing VISA for the expatriates and maybe one of the reason also for them to tighten their rules on Qatar ID.
This morning this photo was widely spread in social media sites
From Gulf Times newspaper by Staff reporter - Joseph Varghese 
All residents should always carry their Residence Permit ID Cards or proof of residence and should produce it whenever asked by authorities concerned, said Brig Nasser Mohamed Eisa al-Sayed, director, Search and Follow-Up Department, during a community interaction seminar held at the headquarters of the Traffic department on Sunday.
Those who violate the rule will be fined up to QR10,000. Brig al-Sayed also said that the Ministry of Interior can transfer the sponsorship of expatriates, if they proved that they were abused by sponsors as per the Law No 4/2009.
Addressing various community leaders in Qatar, Brig al-Sayed said that the Ministry of Interior would publish guides on rights and obligations of expat workers in different languages. He pointed out: “We spend maximum efforts in providing proper help and solve the problems of expats without any discrimination as all are equal before law.  All expats irrespective of their identity and culture shall abide by the rules of the county.”
Specifying some of the rules and regulations, the official said that the use of private vehicles as taxis was a clear violation of the traffic law. He said: “Fines will be levied upon the offenders. It may also lead to deportation as the person violates the purpose of residence permit given to him, which is a clear violation of Residence Law No 4/2009.”
He further said that sheltering workers and housemaids who abscond from their employers is a crime. He said: “Violators of this rule will be dealt with strictly to eliminate the issue of absconding. Providing shelter for absconding workers is punishable as per Qatari Penal Code with imprisonment not exceeding two years and fine of maximum QR 10,000 or any one of them.”
We Filipinos are fortunate to have OWWA who assist and accommodate our kababayan whenever they faced "pang-aabuso" If you happen to encounter kababayans na tumakas po sa mga amo nila, dalhin po natin kaagad sa OWWA office, kasi nga po as an ordinary expatriates hindi natin sila pwedeng itago kasi punishable by Qatar Penal Code po yon kapag nalaman ng mga authorities na tinatago natin sila. 

The official added that if a person engages in selling items at public places or on streets on his own, it is a crime. “This is in violation of Article 11 of Residential Law No 4/2009 which stipulates that one should stick to the purpose of residence permit. He has to work for his sponsor and should not work on his own,” he added.

Punishable by Qatar law din po yung mga sideline jobs, its against the law po kasi na magtrabaho sa hindi mo sponsor, one of the reason na rin po kaya mahigpit sila sa pag-iissue ng visa, free lance visa is one example of this violation, kaya kung meron po tayong mga kakilalang may mga free lance visa at sa iba sila nagtratrabaho paalalahanan po natin sila.
Brig al-Sayed observed that if any sponsor refuses exit permit to any worker or if the sponsor is out of country and nobody is there to represent him, the Search and Follow-up Department (SFD) has some legal procedures that will ensure the travel of a migrant worker.
He explained: “If any expatriate faces a problem from his sponsor with regard to getting the exit permit for him, the SFD will study the application to get an exit permit to allow him leave the country temporarily or permanently and the department will implement the rules and regulations in this matter.”
Further to this, al-Sayed highlighted that the violators of the law No 4/2009 who voluntary surrender to SFD for leaving the country, will never be detained and will be sent back home without detention after completing the procedures.
“If an expatriate, against whom an absconding complaint has been registered, approaches us with an application, we will study it without arresting him. We will facilitate the violators for reconciliation and payment of reconciliation fine instead of taking legal procedures against them,” he added.

Living in any country, we are bounded to whatever laws they have and we must follow. Kahit gaano pang kahigpit or gaano man tayong hindi kasang-ayon sa mga batas nila, we can do nothing than to obey. Ignorance of the law excuses no one applies to all laws, hindi natin pwedeng sabihin na hindi natin alam, kasi kung may unang-una tayong dapat malaman kapag nagpunta tayo sa kahit anong bansa yun ay ang kung ano ang batas nila.
Let's just follow and obey for whatever Qatar law says, anyway its for sure for our own safety too.

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