Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quotes to Ponder #1

Not all the time we have same energy as previous days. Sometimes we feel weak, sad or lousy but after realizing why, sometimes we ended up with no reasons, did you ever experienced that? Hindi mo alam kung due to hormones ba ito or dala ng mainit or pabago-bagong weather basta all of a sudden you change your moods.
This week I felt that my energy go down, I feel drained and tired most of the time. And hope it just only because of the not so good weather here or lack of sleep since Saturday. Nevertheless, there still some positive and beautiful thoughts, instances and even people along my way - its all blessings, they are all blessings.

Let me share you some of thoughts that help me boosts for past few days, who knows it will help you too.

Nobody is perfect, everyone have flaws, commits mistakes, and feels heartaches. Well, if you don't agree maybe you're just a numb.
But how are you after those heartaches? after the trials, after tons of problems?

 a statement wall art I found on one site I browsed to check frames for wall decor. 

Emotion is temporary, its not constant, pabago-bago lang. 
Emotions = feelings
What you feel right this moment for sure its different from what you felt yesterday. There are still so many people who are relying "only" or most of the time on their emotions. I'm not saying that we just ignore our emotions, NO, what I'm trying to say is we must balance and try to set standard in deciding over things not purely emotions.
Hindi ka naman magpapakasal lang dahil sa mahal mo "lang" sya. Hindi ka naman nagdesisyon lang na yung feelings mo lang ang pinagbasehan mo right? kasi hindi mo naman alam kung bukas makalawa you still have the same feeling, sabi nga ng matatanda maiipakain mo ba ang pagmamahal lang.
Everything happens for a purpose, we may not know it now but in time we will able to realize that its all for us - for our very own good, kaya instead of praying na tumigil na ang ulan, pray for strength to overcome the storms. And remember guys there's always a rainbow after the rain.
Don't loose hope! as long you are breathing you still have a million hopes and chances to fulfill your dreams. But hope is not the only thing, of course you must work for it. So go go go!!!
Everyday may not be as good as we expect but every day there's always something good. Its up to you how will look things - will you ruin your day because of something or someone or will you create things that will make your day even brighter and colorful as you want?
Sometimes we need someone to cheer up and to encourage us but if there's no one to give you a hand, don't think that they doesn't care for you. Be positive and help yourself to make everything fine.
And not to forget the most powerful among those encouragement quotes PRAYER and the BIBLE. When was the last time you open your Bible, when was the last time you feed yourself of Word of God?

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