Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Picks for my Crib

Sorry guys wasn't able to post anything for this weekend. I'm getting lazy lately, even I have few on drafts I can't continue or I don't know how to end. 
Did I tell you that I love furniture, home decor and even interior or just anything about house - living room, kitchen, dining, rooms, any part of the house.
And here are some of my picks that if I 'll have a chance to incorporate on my own house or room, I will definitely give it a try. That's one of the thing that makes me so excited to go back home, I miss everything on our house and on my crib - my room.

Colorful Couch
I love stylish couch and I really want to have a piece in my room, although I'm keeping one already but this time not a "floor" couch. I checked on the net and some other furniture depot the last time I go home for vacation but to my surprise a piece will cost minimum of 20,000 PHP...as in one piece depends on the design and structure. So I opted not to buy but definitely I will buy at least one or check if mas makakamura ako if magpa-customize ako. I might enjoy reading more, if I'll have this couch :-)
This is my couch in my room, the photo was taken 2010 pa but its still in a very good condition. Daddy gave this one to me when I was still in college, I'm keeping it more than a decade :-)

Roman Curtain
I'm not a "sunny" person, literally my eyes cannot stand the direct natural light maybe because it really triggers my migraine, that's why curtain is essential in my room. Even I'm away from home for some years, Mommy always assures me that she personally taking care of it :-) - clean it, change the bed sheets and curtains and check my stuffs.
I want to change the curtain style that I'm using in my room. I'm using the traditional double curtain, kapag morning nakaopen sya sheer curtain lang ang naiiwan then sa gabi totally nakababa yung first layer ng curtain. So I'm just thinking to have roman curtain, na mas madali, its almost the same as blinds but you can have it in a fabric. Yun nga lang you can't buy it ready made like other curtains kailangan talaga na masukatan yung window para sure na tama yung sukat. I asked Mommy na humanap ng magtatahi, I 'll definitely choose neutral color so bagay pa rin kahit anong color ng bed sheets.

Working Area
I can stay in my room the whole day, sabi ni Daddy ko kung meron daw sigurong kitchen ang loob ng kwarto ko hindi na ako lalabas..hahaha
I have a lot of stuffs inside my room especially noong hindi pa napagawa yung "mini library - family room" sa itaas din near my room lang. All of my books and magazine collections are inside my room plus my mickey collections pa, sabi nga ni Mommy hindi na daw mukhang working table, obvious nga di ba..ang working table ko turned to be display cabinet ..hehehe
Since mejo spacious pa naman ang room ko kasi mu bed is single naman, siguro ok na yung ganitong working area sa loob ng room.
Literally, nagtratrabaho talaga ako inside my room. When I was still in the Philippines ang may mga sideline works ako like research papers and thesis na ginagawa or chinecheck sa room ko lang ako almost maghapon until I finished. I don't think I can still make the same sideline jobs hmmm...but for sure even hindi na ganon ang nature I still need to have working area on my room. Since grade 4 ako I still have already my own working/ study area, before it was a part of  our living room but my parents to transfer it to my room kasi kapag nasa living room habang nag-aaral nakabukas ang t.v. :-)

I'm excited to re-decorate my room, to change its interiors - dagdag bawas na naman ang peg ng pag-aayos. I am a sentimental person kasi so sometimes its hard for me to let go stuffs from people I really love and treasure but as they say sometimes we need to let go things and just recall the moments and memories. I'll update you as soon as magawa ko na.
All I need for now is to look for some stuffs to fill my room for its new look. I don't need expensive stuffs, I believe in creativity, its just like clothes - mix and match lang :-)
Definitely it will not be like this anymore on the next post, at hindi na rin sya mapapagkamalaang room ng mga pamangkin ko...hahaha or room ng isang kindergarten :-) kailangan ng mag-level up ng room ...hehehe
So guys if you know where I can buy low cost home/ room decor and stuffs or even furniture just let me know.
Remember its still the "home" that matters. May our house be filled with love and care from each other so it will always be a home.

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