Thursday, January 5, 2012

Super Dad & Mom To Be

It's been a tradition within "super friends" (my circle of friends in the office) to treat the birthday celebrant with a lunch on his birthday, it is supposedly a surprise but since we're doing it for some years, hindi na sya nagiging surprise for the celebrant.
We started the first week of 2012 on celebrating the birthdays of the "SUPER DAD", Kuya Noel anad the "MOM TO BE", Dolor.
A simple lunch yet become special because of the presence of all (except those who are in vacation).

Meet the SUPER DAD ^_^

Noel Mendoza a.k.a Kuya Noel for everyone of us. Why "SUPER DAD"? He is a single father to a young lady who will be graduating college this coming March 2012. For 5 years that we are together in the company I saw how he cares & love his daughter a lot and even he is working here in abroad, he never let her daughter feel that she has no parents by her side. I remembered when her daughter celebrated her 18th birthday despite that Kuya is working away he make it a point that he can still participate from preparation until its celebration. He asked our help from party favor to multi media presentation up to her daughter pre-debut pictorial is still subject to his approval. We always teased him that he is a strict father, and he will always reply that there is always right time for everything. Two thumbs up for you for being a responsible & loving father.

Once more Kuya, Happy happy Birthday! I am personally wishing you good health and strength in all aspects of your life. Looking forward for more good years together!

Meet the MOM TO BE ^_^

She's one of the first that I have since I started in the company. I've been friend to her from the start and now we're been running on our sixth years. Dolores Juan - Ildefonso a.k.a Dolor for us, the queen of "vault" every 25th of the month. She's the only child in the family, one of the reason why she and her husband always wanted to have a child after they got married. After years of waiting, their prayer was answered and now she is about to give birth to a baby boy this month. I know both of you will be a responsible parents to "bebe" and a good provider as well. We are all excited to welcome "bebe", another angel of the SUPER FRIENDS.

Happy happy Birthday Dolor! Wishing you safe delivery and claimed that "bebe" as I've said a helathy & wealthy baby. Cheers to more years of friendships!

Celebrating the birth of each other is important to us, its one way for us to thank the Lord for giving us each other - it may be simple but the thought of the celebration will always be special.

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