Friday, January 13, 2012

Together We Can Make It

"Ang blessings parang ilog yan kailangan na nagfloflow hindi dapat stagnant kasi kung ganon mabubulok ang tubig, if you have something then share it and surely more blessings you will receive"
Its been two weeks after we had the donation's drive for the victim of the typhoon Sendong and just last Friday I was able to send it - the monetary & in kind donations.

I am thankful and blessed that the Lord used me once more as a channel of His blessings; that He used me once more to lead the donation's drive. 
Although I was busy it didn't hinder me to make the best I can in order to move and help those victims in my little way. Honestly, there were times that I felt guilty for doing my holiday shopping & other activities instead of  collecting those envelopes I distributed and packing the in kind donations I gathered. But after the holidays I made up my mind and set my heart that I need to move again.
Immediately after the Christmas holiday, I got so many responses from my friends, colleagues and Church-mates. My prayer to collect all the donations within 2-3 days was answered, more than all things become so easy for me even I am busy at work. I talked and coordinated to some persons until I finally settled everything.
First day of 2012, all the monetary donations were counted, thanks Darwin Molina - a friend of mine who helped me and to Delson Villanueva, a former colleague and a good friend of mine who helped in making my decision to whom (agency) to send the money.

The Lord answered my prayer and He gave me to send the monetary donations directly to Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD) - Region 10. It took me several days to send the money, I've waited few days for them to answer on email, I coordinated with friends in the Philippines who are also working in the government agency, thanks Luzelmarly Dapula a.k.a Tita Chie for your effort to contact DSWD 10.
First Friday of 2012 I woke up early and tried once more to contact the number of DSWD10 so I can directly get from them their account number. And I got it :). For those who want to send your monetary donations and give it directly to DSWD Region 10, here's their account:

DSWD Region 10 Trust Fund 
Development Bank of the Philippines, Divisoria Branch
Cagayan De Oro City
Account number: 0810 0200 4403 0
Telephone number: 0063 88 858 8134

Thank you for all the cheerful givers who shared their money - sharing your treasure is blessing them in a way. "babalik ng siksik, liglig at umaapaw lahat ng yan sa inyo"

We just finished our OWWA gift giving last December 2011 and I'm just thinking if I can still collect something like used clothes, shoes or any thing to be send to the victims of the typhoon. And I really praise God immediately after I send the email and poster I made for the donation drive there are some people who responded and confirmed that they will give something. Thank you to my friend & colleague Rhea Manzanilla-Gonzales for being the first to respond. Likewise thank you to Marilen Roxas,  Biler family, our BS head Kuya Ver, Mark Quintana for being the contact person in collecting donations to SOJV camp. Thank you to Delson Villanueva together with the SFC service team who packed all the in kind donations. The next day SFC service team delivered it to Philippine Embassy. Likewise, thank you so much Qatar Airways for letting those in kind donations be send free to our kababayans in the Philippines.

For those who still want to share your blessings and extend help to our kababayans, you still have time  to bring those packed in kind donations at  Philippine Embassy Doha Qatar until January 15, 2012. Be sure that its already packed and ready to send.

Sharing our blessings to others especially to those who are need is blessing not only the recipient but also ourselves. It only means we are blessed because we can share and give. 
Once more, its not how much you give but its the LOVE you put in giving.
Thank you to all cheerful givers!
TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT! Let us continue to reach out people with our love.

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