Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missing My Nurses

"Halos sa hospital na tayo tumira nung bata ka" that's the usual story that my mom told me or to any other person kung sakit din lang ang paguusapan. According to her, its a good thing as well that their house (her parents' house) is located very close to the hospital so if they need extra assistance for me they can immediately asks for help.
My both parents worked as health personnel in DOH (Department of Health), one reasons maybe why they are very cautious when it comes to sickness. 
"Masakitin ako" I admit. One reasons why I never had a chance to expose to some sport activities, there were times that when my classmates are playing sporty games I'm just sitting down to be the scorer, bawal daw kasi akong mapagod. My Dad even went to the school to talk to my teacher and ask permission for my "yaya" na ihatid ako until to my seat, kasi naman nasa 4th floor yung room ko and I'm carrying a trolley style bag with more or less 10 books + notebooks. I was in grade 4 that time.
Little by little I was exposed to the environment, according to the doctor kelangan daw maexpose din sa environment, masama din naman kasi daw yung di naeexpose sa germs kasi humihina ang immune system lalo, so I was allowed then to play some outside sports - i love "patintero".
I saw how Mommy & Daddy worries when I am sick or even when my little brother is sicked. The hardest point is when they still need to be in the office even when I am sick and nobody will be beside me. Kahit nung college days ko na or even I was already working na, pag maiiwan ako sa bahay ng may sakit, everything is ready and prepared already - my food and medicines at lahat nang possible needs ko nasa side table na beside my bed and she will check me from time to time to remind me to eat and to take my medicines. 
There were times I heard them saying "na mas mabuti pa na sila na lang ang may sakit kesa kami" When I asked them if its ok for them for me to worked abroad, one of their worries is my health condition, I was anemic that time, my blood pressure sometimes down to 70 over 70 or you can see my nails looks like wearing a violet nail polish and my lips are colored with pale peach lipstick. And thanks be to God, I was healed.
Being away with family and loved ones makes me sicker when I am sick. Even I am away and sicked my mom never forgot to remind me to take my medicines and which medicines I need to take. I will fiirst consult her before taking any, she knows what's the best in me! she's my personal nurse ever since. She knows my medical history more than any doctors or other nurses do. 
In times like this that I am sick I can't help to miss my parents - to miss my Mom who always remind me to take my medicines every 4 hours, my Dad who always asked me what food I'd like to eat and who is always cautious on the cleanliness of everything, he is a supervisor sanitary inspector so no wonder :)
 I am thankful of having my personal nurses that even I am a million miles away with them, they can still show and feel how much they care and love me.

I am truly blessed having a parents like them ^_^ 
Thank you Lord for their lives.
I miss you so much "Me & Dy" .... Super thank you po. I know words are not enough to express how grateful I am that you are my parents and I know if time assured with love & care that I will be your nurse as well. I love you

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