Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enjoy & Keep Memories

This week I heard a lots of complaints, murmuring over small things and sightings opinions to convince others to the stand the same. It's tough for me to stand different from what they believed for - its like me against the world scenario..hahaha.
The company I've been working always hold a party every year but last year they didn't have one due to some reasons. People are keep on asking and some our complaining why there's no party. After few days they issued a memorandum they will going to hold it early this year. And today is the day.
I've been working in the company for more than 5 years and I attended all the parties they organized from the first day I've been hired. I don't think I have any reasons not to grant their invitations. For me holding a company party is one way for the company to reach out people no matter how boring it looks like. Enjoying the night anyways is depends on the person - if you choose to spoil the night its up to you.

 Year End Party 2006 - with former colleagues & friends

Year End Party 2007 -with two of my favorite bosses Atsuta san & Sato san

Year End 2008 - with my co-department & mentor Sato san on our "Grease" inspired outfits

Year End 2009 - on the stage as one of the emcee with former DPM, Mr. Yusuf

Year End 2010 with colleagues & friends

It's sad to hear that people are keep on complaining - commenting on something they don't know yet what awaits for them. "Nung walang party last December nagcocomplain ngayong nagorganize ng party nagcocomplain pa rin" people are really hard to please but I guess its in the attitude of being ungrateful.
No organization is perfect - people will always find faults no matter how good or not that good the company is. I have some complaints, comments and sentiments toward the company as well but as I always believed I'd rather it be mine than to influence people in such a negative manner. "Wag na kasing magcomment ng kung ano-ano just to try to influence other na magsalita rin ng negative" Words are powerful - what you say can influence people and what you say will turn back on you.
Instead of complaining why don't you be grateful - this is the time for you to reach out for your other colleagues, iba pa rin ang bonding 'pag nasa labas ng office, sino ang magpapakain sa'yo basta basta sa isang hotel ng libre? its your chance as well to be out of the office early and dressed up the way you want....ang daming reasons to be grateful but if you still don't find those reasons to be thankful sana lang don't say anything na you're trying to influence others na hindi nila maeenjoy yung party. Anyways, enjoying any moments depends on the person - it comes from within! if you want to enjoy you must set your mind and heart that you'll enjoy the night. Its just a matter of right thinking.
Lastly, its not the organizers who'll loose if you'll not attending - its you because you'll gonna miss the moments - moments that will not happen again.
Be grateful on all things & circumstance!
Enjoy & keep memories ^_^ - it once in a while & no one knows if there will be next time.

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