Monday, January 2, 2012

As I Bid Goodbye & Say Hello

Being with the people that matters in your life is the best to end and to start the year.

Unlike in Philippines and some other countries, the last day of the year is a non working holiday but here in the Middle East is different, it depends upon the discretion of the company. And since we're one of those company who are not fortunate in taking that holiday, we ended the year by having lunch together.

Being with my Filipinos Procurement Family is one of the best thing to end up the year in the office.

While everyone is busy in preparing for the "media noche" I spent my last day of 2011 by calling my family in the Philippines and attending the New Year's eve mass in the Church. So blessed to end the year worshiping, praising and making covenant with the Lord. 

While other people are rushing to go home before midnight to welcome 2012, Christians who are gathered in QICM (Qatar International Christian Ministry) doesn't mind the time instead asking for more and more songs to the music team for continuous worship to the Lord.

I am used to welcome the New Year with the family and even I am away to my immediate family I used to celebrate it with my relatives or friends. I used to have dinner with them, countdown until its 12 midnight and we have some parlor games to break the sleepy feelings. But last December 31, 2011 is different, not so many relatives or friends with me to celebrate and welcome the 2012. After I got home from the Church I just watched some of the friends of Evangelio family (where I am staying), eat one stick of BBQ and entered into my room and chatted with some my good friends. It may sounds boring for some but for me celebrating & welcoming new year is not just in the party moreover is sincerity to give thanks to God.

Exchanging gifts with my family is one of the highlights of our New Year in the Philippines, opening gifts after family prayer or while eating "media noche" but even though I don't have my family here to exchange gifts with I am glad to received gifts on New Year's eve.

Thank you Darwin & Kuya Dan for the gift. I like the print "Knowledge is Power. Attitude is Everything" but Darwin said it was given to me so I can live strong and he added that I must stays happy everyday. Thank you!

Thank you Evangelio Family - Kuya Matt, Ate Liezel and Aleeza for this gift. Scented and refreshing start of the year!

First day of the year although its non working day for me didn't a reason for me to stayed in my bed late. I wake up early spent my time with family by calling them in the phone and video call. And since they have a family reunion (my paternal side) on our house I had a chance to talk to some of my cousins  and my aunties and uncles as well. I was happy to see my whole family in the cam while we are greeting one another "happy new year" Thank you to the new technology - no distance can hinder to bind the family with communication and love :)
I don't like good byes, I think everyone does but its better to be with the person for the last time that to missed her. It's a surprise farewell party supposedly with a colleague and friend Angie but since we're only five it became a surprise visit. Well, I guess she was surprised. Reminiscing how we started being friends and asking her what's her future life's plan is our subject of "kwentuhan" What made me weak is when Angie gave me a very tight hugs - I felt the sincerity and warm of love and friendship that melt my heart. As I've told her i am sad that she will leave but at the same I am happy for her for the new life awaits her in the Philippines. 

Rhoanne, Rhea and Ate Gidget - the ever loyal friends of Angie ^_^

Thank you for wonderful years of friendship. I will miss you so much but as I've said there's no good byes Angie just see you soon!

After we visited Angie, I directly go the mall to find a dress - thanks i found one ^_^ then when I reached home I asked Darwin to help me to count all the monetary donations that we have collected for the victims of typhoon sendong. Thank you Darwin!
Around 8:00 p.m. I received a call from Delson, a friend of mine who's the same person to whom I supposedly handed the donations that he will not take the donations with him that evening and instead he invited me to take a cup of coffee. I don't remember when was the last time we shared stories about our lives, families, charity works and plans. We ended the night encouraging each other to continuously be blessed & be blessings to other people.
I feel so  fulfilled & blessed ended my 2011 right and started my 2012 with people I love and treasured.

Have a blessed 2012! Hope you started it right as well and the way you want it to be started.


  1. surely gonna miss you ate.. angie...thanks

  2. ay pinaiyak mo na naman ako :(
    super mamimiss kita until kanina when I saw Gokul I can't help to still asked you on him kahit alam ko namang hindi ka na pumapasok....namimiss ko na yung morning greetings & kiss mo...always remember na I'm always here for you...God bless
    mwahhh iloveyou


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