Friday, January 20, 2012

Captured Me

I always have a camera with me everyday. I want every important moment to be captured, as one of my friend told me, I want every event to be documented. Its not matter how special or how ordinary it is, I just want have something with me when time comes that I want to reminisce those days - picture will be the clear view of every story.
I only have a digital camera with me, and its been a year since I am planning to have my own DSLR but until now I don't have it "yet". Anyways I'm enjoying "Cassey" - my Casio brand digital camera =)
I always expected that since I have with me with Cassey, I will not be in the scene - in short I will be the one who will take the picture unless someone volunteer to do so (once in a blue moon..hahaha). As my circle of friends told me once when I am absent to our gatherings they only have little pictures because no one will take them picture as eager as I am - documented celebrations as they called.
But last January 12, 2012 during our company party, I enjoyed being the one on the scene instead the one who captured the moments. Thanks SOJV Digital Photographers (SDP) - thanks Tamz, Josh, Meg, Rai and specially to Rick that most of the shots taken included me..hahaha.
Here are some of my favorite captured moments ^_^

I like the shadow effect behind ....

Deceiving..hahaha, i look slim here =D

Like the color blends...

The eyes that speaks - with my colleague Iris Lubas

The natural look - with my colleague & friend Kuya Noel Mendoza

The "nene" look of me - with colleague Ate Bing Marasigan

The only party pictures I've got na nakapikit ako - I find it "cute"  - with colleagues

The "up close" as in super close up photo I've got - with friend & colleague Rai

Pictures always speaks - tells story, reveals something, so if next time someone approach you if he can take shots on you, don't hesitate to - few years from that time you'll just smile and say to yourself "this is how i look noon.." and surely you'll start reminiscing.

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