Saturday, May 2, 2009

I am Blessed

Lately I have encountered so many things that made me realized how really blessed I am. Although even before I know that I am bless and I really thank the Lord for showering me those blesings.
Since I came home late from the office (much late than before)...hmm 9:30 p.m is the earliest na yata, after changing my office clothes I watch T.V muna para marelax. I love watching T.F.C, it really make me relax...I feel I'm just a few steps from my home...from Philippines. One time I'm watching WOWOWEE and yung category ng mga players is yung mga vendor and most of the contestants as I've noticed is on their retirement age (i mean they should stay home na lang sana and may mga anak naman sila na dapat sila na yung nagsustento) but still they are the one who works for their family.
Contestant A...she's a mother of a 14 year old teenager. I thought at first ok its just normal kasi minor pa naman yung anak nya until I continously wtching & found out that the 2 year old girl that her daughter is carrying is already her grand daughter. I almost cry, imagine a 14 year old girl is already a mother. And aside from that the husband of that woman is paralyzed, so she's the only one who's working for their family.
Contestant B..he's a father of 3 siblings but those 3 are all mentally illed. Siguro mga nasa 65 & up na yung contestant as well as yung wife nya. But on their face inspite of their situation you cannot see the frustration..and really it encouraged me how strong yung faith nila kay LORD. Again it reminds me what the Lord says in Jeremiah 29:11
I received an email two weeks ago regarding 40 Filipinos in Doha,Qatar who needs immediate help. I treated that mail just like an ordinary mail...forward it to my friends and relatives who are also here in Qatar, although there's a conviction within me that why not to help them. Two weeks later I received the same email again from my cousin, I'm about to delete it kasi nga nabasa ko na yon but I still opened it & read. I found out that those 4o Filipinos are still here in Doha and officemates of my cousin are raising funds/donations to help them. It encouraged me & pushed me to do my part.Though I'm really really busy on my work,naisip ko na I can still help them in my own way. I composed email and together with the attached forwarded email I received from my cousins and send it to my colleagues and friends. If we really want to reach out others, there are so many ways we can do it. Minsan nga lang ang naiisip ng tao its just thru monetary tayo pwede makatulong...yeah in a way but its not the only way or outlet to help. If you want to read the story of those 40 kababayans here in Doha Qatar, you can visit and if you want to reach out to them you can send me a message here in this site or on gsamaritans site.
After reading & hearing stories about them, it really made me feel how bless I am. Having a good job, a humane boss who treated us well as in everyone of us look unto him kasi he is a good manager & a good leader as well. Naisip ko after I learned about the stories on them.. I don't have the right to complain (actually di naman ako reklamador hehehe) & even my colleagues doesn't have the right coz we are really blessed.
Sometimes encounters problems & faces on trials but its hard to accept sometimes that those problems & trials are the best teachers in life. Maybe its hard for us when we're in that situation to accept easily pero if I learned one thing on my experienced THERE'S ALWAYS A PURPOSE for everything. GOD WILL NOT ALLOW US TO BE HURT...EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON & one day we will be thankful for those problems & trials.
We are bless in our own way....what we need to do is to seek that blessings on us

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