Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Advertising the Party

Every month we have a monthly staff party in our company,each month will be hosted by different departments and this coming May it's our department turn again.
I was assigned to be the team leader of the Advertising Committee so meaning we're the in charge to make posters, flyers, banners or anything that will advertise regarding the detail of the Staff Party.
First picture serves as a cover page for our invitation on the Slogan - Cheering Competition to be participated by each department. We also printed an A0 banner and posted it on the lobby going to canteen

The second one is the flyer showing the name of all new staff for May 2009. Imagine 23 names...as in even HR was a little bit shocked that our company employed 23 new staffs..may cost cutting pa yan.

And the last one is the flyer naman for those who celebrating their birthdays for this month...over sa dami 42 celebrants. Magaling lang talaga ang researchers namin that's why walang nakalusot..heehehehe..meron pala a friend of mine Marvin doesn't want to be included on the list and he even begging to me & to my other officemate & friend Jen not to include his name on the list...

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