Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ask Me If I Care

These are just my thoughts and opinions. I try not to care so much, but I can't help it; it's just in my nature to care about those close to me. If you don't like my opinions..................ask me if I care!
Do You Believe There Is One Person In The World Made Just For You?
The first thing that comes to our mind when we are asked the same question is "soulmates". Sometimes even me I'm asking myself..,"do I have soulmates?".."does my soulmates means he will be the one I will marry & spend the rest of my life"...e ano nga ba ang soulmates? Honestly, all I know and all I believe in is God has one person He really prepared for us. All we have to do is wait for that person patiently.
What would you do for someone you love?
I would stand by his side forever...but I'm thinking is there really such a thing as "forever"? hahaha. Sometimes it's very easy to say that we will stay to their side forever but not knowing in the end that we are one of those first who left them. Better not to say any promises or just prove through actions that you can do everything for him.
Is It Ever Okay to Be Brutally Honest?
Hahahaaha...its good to be honest all the time but "brutally honest" means you're being honest and at the same time you're hurting one feelings. It's really hard to be "brutally honest" but I'd rather be brutally honest that to hurt the person in the end. Let me put this way...there's no difference if you will tell the person the truth now as in on the spot than to tell them the next short you're just prolonging agonies. Sometimes TRUTH REALLY HURTS, but its be better to hurt them today than to do it the next day...its the same,right?
What Surprises You the Most about People?
They doesn't know how to appreciate things that they have on their hand. People are oftenly craving for more on everything that they have, in short they are not contented of what they have. I admit I also like that before but after realizing how blessed and fortunate I am having the life I have today, I learned to appreciate what I have. I'm still aspiring for more...trying to reach & to have for more but the good thing on it is I found CONTENTMENT in my life now.
What Is your Ideal relationship?
Is there anything as an "ideal" in this world? hahaha. All couples, lovers...all people wants an ideal relationship but when you ask them what is ideal for them it will be summed up that its purely love as in no arguements, is it possible? hahahaha. Ok let me tell you what comprises of my ideal relationship...TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT, & LOVE. Four in one is enough for me to make the relationship ideal.
What is Your Affirmation about Yourself?
There are some things that people say that really make me feel good, like:
1. You're friendly
2. You're sweet
3. I love you.
4. You're clever
5. You're humble
6. You are so smart
7. You're beautiful
8. You deserve the best
9. You're so nice
10. You have a good taste in everything
Affirmations, whether made by someone else, or yourself, can change your life. It boosts our confidence in any aspects of what we are doing. Whether its big or even little appraisal especially coming to unexpected people really lift us.
What did you wonder about when you were a child?
I wish I was a kid again, full of curiosity and wonder.
I really enjoy talking to children especially those who are talkative & full of sense...everything look so very simple for a kid. When they ask you "bakit ?" "pano?" simple explanations will do and they just believe you.
"Why its raining?" Answer: God is crying because people are not that good
"Will I received something from Santa?" Answer: yeah you will if you will be good until he come
"Am I pretty?" Answer: of course, you our my daughter
"Can I have a brickgame?" Answer: yes you can have but you need to have good grades first
What Is Your Favorite Book?
How To Be Free in Unfree World. I just borrowed it from Rez,my classmate in college,according to her that book was owned by his uncle who passed away. The book is a story of ones life on how to live on your own and not according to what others want you to live on. To summed it up its just WE CAN LIVE OUR LIVES FREELY...WE ARE THE CONTROLLER OF OUR OWN LIVES.
Would You Rather Be Beautiful or Intelligent?
How i wish I have both..hahaha
I'd rather be smart than pretty...coz for me you can still look beautiful/pretty if you are smart & sensible.
I'd rather want to be admire because of those qualities that are not visible...intellect matters to me
Who’s Heart Have You Broken?
"Huh?? ...hmmm..who among them nga ba? hahaha. But honestly speaking I remembered when a good friend of mine admit that he's falling for me, but I just ignore it. Actually not literally ignored him but its the idea that he's going to court me I wanted to ignore. And I think he really felt bad, but good thing until now we're still friends.
What was the strangest but memorable job you have ever had?
Landed to job related to what course you finished really makes me feel fulfilled. That's why when I was given a chance to work in a government agency I was really overwhelm. Although there are companies who offerred me much higher salary I chose to stay. I have so many reasons why I really love being on that job 1. It is related to my degree 2. I had a chace to reach out those people belongs to different communities 3. I familiarize myself that our city 4. Mingle to different kind of people in the society. 4. Able to learn more & apply actually what does law says.5. Of course there's no place like home...masarap pa rin magwork in own country.
The strangest thing about me siguro is I don't give so much importance to the job salary...i mean as long as I know that its enough then that's it. I value the working environment most than the salary aspect and sympre the nature of the job. I prefer to be busy all the time than to have idle time.

credit to Peter Parker for the above listed questions

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