Monday, January 19, 2015

Buttered Veggies

I usually fail in cooking veggies especially if there a lot of kinds on it. The fear inside of me na baka hilaw pa cos to ended overcooked.
Yesterday, I was in cue in our office pantry to use the microwave. I saw the packed lunch of my colleague parang ang sarap sarap ng buttered veggies. It looks pleasing talaga as in yung hindi talaga overcooked kainin parang tama lang yung pagkaluto and maintained pa rin yung crunchiness ng veggies.
Kaya naman when we take our snack break, I ended up bringing veggies from the store - cauliflower, carrots, ampalaya, tomatoes, onion spring, etc. I have few recipes on my mind pero mas malakas talaga ang craving ko kay buttered vegies kaya naman....

Usually hindi ko tinitikman ang niluluto ko or kung tikman ko man basta may lasa ok na for me. But this one to my surprise yehey at last hindi sya overcooked, tama lang yung lasa hindi maalat, hindi matabang and lasang-lasa mo pa rin yung natural taste ng mga veggies!This is my first try of buttered veggies and dahil ok sya for sure na may next time pa.

Chicken breast

1. Wash all the vegetables and cut it
2. Cut the chicken breast into cubes
3. Put butter in pan and heat in low fire
4. Wait for butter to melt, then put garlic and chicken breast cubes. 
5. If the chicken turned brown, add potato and carrots then add water (small glass)
6. Add salt and pepper, wait until simmer
7. Add cauliflower, wait for 5 minutes then add broccoli
8. Let it on fire for another 8 minutes.
9. Serve it.

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