Sunday, January 18, 2015

Orange Chicken ni Jen

Since the time I was back from my vacation last week of October I decided to take a healthy living as much as I can and it includes being picky on what I will put on my plate. I tried and continue not to take red meat though last holidays temptation haunted me. Whenever I buy food boneless chicken breast is always present on the cart. As research proved chicken breast is the healthiest part of the chicken kasi nga walang masyadong fat and skin. 
Every night is a challenge for me to prepare new dish using chicken breast minsan paulit-ulit na lang or minsan I do "pacham" which means "pachamba", creating my own dish and using whatever available ingredients we have in the kitchen.
Yesterday I browsed on the net what dish can I try and found the Orange Chicken recipe. I'm familiar to the taste of it since its available in some food chains and restaurants here.

"Orange Chicken ni Jen"

Chicken breast
Cooking Oil
Pepper and Salt
Orange Juice
Brown Sugar

1. Cut the chicken into cubes
2. Beat the egg, add pepper and salt
3. Marinate the chicken for 5-10 minutes
4. Roll the chicken into flour until its fully coated
5. Fry it deeply into hot pan with oil
6. Set aside after cooking

1. Put 1 cup of orange juice (amount depends on the amount of your chicken), let it simmer for 2-3 minutes.
2. Put one table spoon of brown sugar (depends on how sweet you want)
3. Add 1 table spoon of honey.
4. Continue to mix until boiling
5. Add grated ginger and garlic
6. Add a pinch of pepper and salt.
7. Combine a little cornstarch solution. Pour into the sauce.
8. Whisk it until combine and thicken.
9. Toss the chicken into the sauce and make sure that it all coated of sauce.

Hope they will like it and sana next time I can improve its taste more, so it will be pleasing to everyone's taste bud and not only to mine ..hahaha

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