Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Contagious Joy

How's your holidays guys? Hope you had a great one. 
I had a busy holidays from organizing the parties, meeting friends and spending holidays with family. Though I really feel that my body wants to give up, thanks be to God I was still able to go up and not spent the holidays on my bed. Never mind the after shocks cos while I'm writing this post I have with me a roll of tissue for my flu.
Just want to share with you my holidays with these photos. Photos will speak by themselves how happy I am being with my family, friends,colleagues and brethren.
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Christmas is one of the most festive occasion we celebrate not only as Filipinos but as Christians. Being an OFWs even we're away from our immediate families, we still really tend to enjoy Christmas season. More than any gifts you give and receive during this season, its the gift of LOVE must be on the top of your list.

Noche Buena
Its been our tradition to our family to welcome December 25 together; to set the table even we have only simple dishes on it, the important thing for us is we are together in welcoming the Christmas.

 Thank you Lord for all the blessings. Its Your birthday today but yet You are the one who still giving gifts to us.

 Christmas selfie taken after our prayer
 Me and my brother, Bjay
 Merry Christmas everyone! - from B2F12
Carrying with me our little elf - meet our baby Kiel (my cousin's son) its his first Christmas!

Christmas Day
Its been years since I used to spend Christmas day in the office. Though I really miss being home and spending the day with the whole family, eating together, "kwetuhan" and sometimes going out of town together but it doesn't mean I spoiled my Christmas.
We want to be happy and spread the joy of the season and we started it by wearing a happy color - Red! We asked one restaurant down our office if we can occupy their place at lunch time, and here we go...
 Meet my Filipino colleagues
 Smile is really contagious...

Don't ask me why Jane is in yellow ^_^
 Going back to office, see the happy faces...
 Until inside the elevator, notice the smiles...
Until going back our home after  work, we're all smiling and happy!

Christmas Dinner
After work we decided to have dinner outside. Since we are not familiar to the location it took us an hour I guess to reached the place.

It is not important where we celebrate the Christmas or whom we are with, what matter is we know the reason why we are celebrating the season.
The essence of Christmas is about love and joy, let these things be contagious everyday. Lets make our everyday like a Christmas day!

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