Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thank You 2014, Hello 2015

At last after almost 9 years working in the Middle East in one company, we were granted a holiday starting December 31, usually the office is only closed on January 1. This year since January 2 is Friday (weekend in the Middle East), I took 3 days off from work. And since I'm the only one who don't have work on December 31 I need to be in charged in cleaning our house and doing some household chores. Thanks to Trish, my cousin's cousin who spent her New Year with us and helped me in preparing some dishes for our New Year's Eve.
To feel that it only few hours and we will bid good bye to 2014, we decided to put this banner morning pa lang of December 31. It's just a DIY, cut and stapled it to ribbon and voila! 
When 6:00 p.m. stepped up, everyone of us became busy. Cooking and preparing for each others' menu. Its been a tradition to our family even way back home in the Philippines to have plenty of food in our table during New Year's Eve not because of any superstitious beliefs but its one way of declaring the goodness of the Lord for the whole year, how He bless us bountifully and how He can bless us more for the New Year.
 Just waiting 12:00 a.m.
Its been my personal devotion before welcoming the new year to have a quiet time with the Lord as He gives me provisions through His word.
And He gave me these verses.
After my quiet time, I headed to the living room where my cousins and a family of my friend which is also my siblings in Christ is waiting.

New Year's Eve
At exactly 12:00 midnight, we had our family prayer. We thanked God for all that He done for us. 2014 has been a very great and blessed years for us though we had tough times as well still He never leave us. The Lord continue to embrace us and assure us that all will be fine.
Far apart from the celebration in the Philippines, welcoming New Year here in Doha is very silent - no "torotot" or fire crackers so just to feel have a "lusis-like" we lighted the fountain candle that we bought for our cake. 
Welcome 2015!
Happy New Year! - from B2F12
Though we are all away from our immediate families, we are blessed to have each other. I'm blessed though I don't have my parents here and my sister in law and nephews, I have my brother with me and my cousins.
New Year selfie with my brother, and another one...
Though most of us are living in one flat, the B2F12 hindi pa rin matapostapos ang kwentuhan, kantahan and kodakan.
The last part of our New Year's Eve party is giving gifts.
Usually I opened all the gifts I received on New Year's Eve but due to excitement I opened one of the gift on Christmas Eve, though it was not posted in any of my social media accounts it really means a lot for me not only the gift itself and even the effort of wrapping but the friendship and love from the person who gave it. Like these gifts from the people who are really close to my heart.

 Hello 2015
And since all of them in the house has work on the first day of the year, only me and Trish were left at home and of course it includes cleaning again all the things we used for the NYE.

I want to start my year right and I started on a date with my Maker.
I attended church service. Its my first time at Anglican Church complex - we have two church services in a week, Thursday night (English service) at Anglican Church complex and every Friday morning (Tagalog service) at our church villa. I regularly attends in Tagalog service but since there will no service on January 2 I really tried my best though I have colds, cough and flu to attend on Anglican.
 I was happy to be seated with my BS Mansoura family (my previous small group) and with my siblings from SG Bin Mahmoud (my present small group). I never expected that I will see them together in church as well.
I am so happy and blessed to end and start the year in God's presence.
As we welcome 2015, we set new goals and plans on how we will spend our 365 days but before anything else  have we ever lift those goals and plans to our Maker?  Proverbs 19:21
Let the Lord lead us in every plans and in every goals that we're going to fulfill this 2015. May the Lord continue to bless us abundantly and may our heart's desire to be a channel of blessing as well to others.

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