Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Wednesdates

For the past few months I don't usually go out on Wednesday, I mean everyone who knows me know that Wednesday is my day - my day for myself, elope from office on time or earlier than the usual, meet friends, go out to the mall even all by myself. I called it "my Wednesday"
But since last month I had my consistent Wednesdate(s) and a place to go :-) I joined the library ministry Bible study cell group in our church. I have my BS Mansoura cell group na every Thursday, at since hindi naman limited ang cell group na pwede mong attendan so why not di ba? the more bible cell groups, the merrier, and the more blessed you'd be!

Meet the Library Ministry Bible study cell group

taken after our bible study

We're only five as of yesterday but as the Lord says two or more gather in His name, He is with them (Matthew 18:20). Its really a big blessing for me to join them. Every Wednesday I'm looking forward not to visit newly opened malls or great red tags around anymore. I'll try to share you what we studied yesterday - all are blessed and all did our part to share our own stories and testimonies how victoriously fight the battle. I'm really encouraging every one to have your at least one bible study cell group that you can meet weekly. We need it, sabi nga nila ang tao parang cellphone kelngan laging full battery and attending church activities, reading His word everyday and praying every time are some of the ways to always be charged and connected to the Lord. Honestly, iba talaga yung feeling after the BS you'll be enlightened more and being with the right people na hindi lang during the bible study mo sila pwedeng kausapin or tawagan if you need someone to comfort you - you are a family in Christ talaga ^_^
Here are some of the photos taken at the church lobby after our bible study at the church library...

 Genie and Hazel are also my bible study brethren in BS Mansoura cell group every Thursday :-)

Hazel is a member of our church library ministry team.

And since we didn't have our dinner yet, after our BS nagkaayan kumain, the nearest stop - JOLLIBEE!

iba talaga ang panlasang Pinoy, hahanaphanapin mo
Bro. Bert
Sis. Hazel
Sis. Genie
Kuya Warren - our BS leader / teacher
Thank you Lord for giving them to me, they are all blessings.
I'm looking forward na madadagdagan pa kami at may mga idadagdag pa si Lord. Happy and blessed I joined them.

 Happy and Blessed ME :-)

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