Saturday, October 19, 2013

Peek from the Eid Al Adha 2013 Holiday

I miss blogging, honestly I have so many stories to share with you guys but again my apology for having no time to do it. I thought I can do it during Eid holidays but I was wrong I've been so busy as in super busy before and during Eid. But even though I was so busy, tired and only had few hours of sleep almost every day I am so blessed attending all the activities I had for that week. I even told to one of my friend the other day when he asked me about my holiday. I told him that so far after 7 years staying here in Qatar, this year of Eid is one of happiest and memorable I had.
I am blessed for all the teachings I've heard, for all the times I am with my brethren even I am tired from work but still I am eager to attend the seminars and eat dinner with them so late, as in mid night snack na... pero at the end of the day its all worthy.
I'll try to share all to you guys all the activities I had since I eloped in here :-) 
Here are some of the snapshots of some of what I had and I'll try to make separate post from each activity. Namiss ko kayo ng sobra...

 Late dinner after church seminar
 ECAQ 2013

 QICM Equipping the Saints Seminar - Yugto at Pagtwaid (Stages f Life)
 Bonding with cousins
Damien Hirst's Exhibit

Expect random posts from my holidays.. sana talaga this time I can tell you all. I owe you a detailed post pa nga about Logos Hope.
I'll try my very best talaga, hope you will be patient in visiting me in here from time to time.

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