Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just Saying...

A friend of mine asked me just few minutes ago why I'm not sending any blog link to him of my blog post. He's thinking that I removed him on my list ...hehehe. I usually sending link to my friends especially those who are working so at least they can still be updated on what's happening to me, although I have Facebook you can read much detailed stories here in my blog. 
I appreciate much as in super nakakataba ng puso whenever I received comments or personal emails from you guys - how I helped you in a way, how I inspired and encouraged you through my experiences and insights, how I taught you from my advices and kung ano-ano pa. But its a given fact na hindi lahat ng tao magla-like ng isinusulat ko, its a fact and I don't mind, as I've always say I'm doing a favor for myself when I'm writing - to release stress and be relaxed.
Thank you so much guys for still checking my site although I seldom make posts lately. I have so many stories to share sa inyo, ang daming nakaline up sa isip ko, I just need blog booster ..hahaha para sipagin akong magsulat, hindi yung puro simula lang ako then in the end I will just delete from my drafts.
I really appreciates all of you, and to those people na nagtataka kung bakit wala na ako sinesend na blog link kasi po sometimes nagdadalawang isip ako na magsend kasi may mga stories na hindi ko sure kung makakarelate kayo kasi in the first place di nyo naman kilala yung mga kasama ko...baka naman mamaya isipin nyo I'm forcing you to be in my world.
To all of you who are keep on visiting me here and taking or wasting time to read my posts....

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God bless us all

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