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Run-Walk-Run 2013

My first day of Eid holiday was really packed, literally loaded with activities - from dawn till night. We were dismissed in the seminar early than the usual, instead of two topics, Rev.Nat discussed only one as he knows we need to go up early for our 1st Eid Holiday activity - the RUN-WALK-RUN!
After seminar, we prepared some stuffs to be used to the activity. Its my first time actually to join the RWR. I always makes excuses not to join because of my migraine especially kapag mainit talaga but this year thanks be to God, no reasons not to come :-) and I really enjoyed it, kahit puyat at pagod, no migraine, galing ni Lord.
Since I'm a part of Program Ministry in our church and the RWR is one of the activity initiated by the min. kelangan talaga present from the preparation. 
Our improvised and impromptu on the making banner :-) Buti na lang laging kumpleto ng supplies ang mga taga library min. :-)

If you are happy for whatever you do kahit pagod ka na you can still able to smile and feel the joy. And sympre hindi pa kami nagdidinner so next stop namin is Jollibee!
malayo ang tingin...hmm siguro natatakap na sya sa nasa kabilang table :-)
nakasmile na sila kasi parating na ang order :-) naserved na ang gravy
ang mga batang Jobeee at ang gutom nang si Daddy Bert :-)

Arrived at the house around 1:00 a.m and get up at 4:00 a.m.
Good morning Doha!
"asan na kayo?"  - "Kuya malapit na po kami, nasa may Doha Port na" :-)

Run Walk Run is one of our way to develop the closeness, camaraderie and most of all fellowship with one another.  I am with QICM (Qatar International Christian Ministries) Church for seven years pero napakadaming bagong mukha (for me) akong nakita. I was talking with one of our church elder Bro. Hermie, nakakatuwa lang marinig yung mga old stories about the church, about the brethren and even activities na ginagawa nila dati.
We started the activity with prayer.
Lets the Run Walk Run 2013 begins!
We set the game into categories according to age - we have kids, teens, young adult (men and women), adult (men and women).
The kids and the teens

the future Church leaders, pastors and ministers :-)
"we're read"- supportive dad naman si Kuya :-)

Children must be trained while they are still children so they can have habits. Trained them to participate in church activities and to be in the church services, in such way they can start to be involved at their young age. Ito yung age na sabi nila malambot pa ang mga tuhod, minsan madalas nadadapa kasi nga di pa nila alam minsan kung paano magdecide sa sarili nila and most of their decision are depends on their parents. Super energetic and excited talaga sila, nakakatuwa din to see how determined they are to compete with other kids.
texting while walking :-)
I can't help to wish nung makita ko sila how actively they participated na sana ganon rin ako nung bata ako, na I have the eagerness to be with others especially in church activities but hindi pa naman huli ang lahat, I can have my "now" and if given a chance to be a mother I will train my child as well to get involve in church activities and have fellowship not only to few who are in the church but as much as possible to all.

Women - The Young Adults and  The Adults
Women are usually labeled as vulnerable and sensitive and mostly tagged as "iyakin". Mga babae papayag ba kayo to be tagged as that, well I guess not all times, women are just more emotional than men. Women cries when they are happy, when they get surprised, when they are hurt, when they are in pain but it doesn't mean they are weak. Women can compete in a good fight, they can sometimes even excel in field of men. But in the end wala pa ring hihigit sa anumang role nila as ilaw ng tahanan. Iyakin man sa paningin ng iba, they have their own strength in dealing their lives and life of the family.
Ladies, are you ready?

Men - The Young Adults and The Adults
Men are the one who are known to be strong and courageous. They are considered as "tagapag dala ng pamilya" that's why they are called the head of the family. In our society hindi dapat sila nakikitang umiiyak ang mga lalake, imagine mahirap din yon ha e what if your heart is dictating you to cry...hayss well that is society based only. A real man is someone who knows how to be affection as well as show some emotions too, maybe not as emotional as women but they are also human they have emotions and feelings too. Some men are labeled as disciplinarian and some are bossy but to top it all, they are all just concern especially to their family.
posing muna pag may time :-)

Life doesn't mind whatever your gender is, babae ka man or lalake, bata, teenager, mid-lifers ka man or adult ka man or kahit pa nga late adult ka na, as long as you know to manage your life, makakarating ka sa finish line, napagod ka man sa mga pinagdaanan mo, maraming pawis ka mang naipawis at nadapa ka man, for sure pagdating mo sa finish line nakangiti ka.
And the winners....
Adult Men category
Young Adult Men category
Adult Women Category
teens category
Kids category

Special Awards...
Best in Sports Wear - Men
Best in Sports Wear - Women
 We have also for teens and kids but I can't find any picture..

Kuya Warren - Early Bird!!!
And sympre thank you po sa masarap na almusal ng food committee...

Congratulations to all of us PROGRAM MINISTRY!
To God be the glory

Life is like a roller coaster as they say, may ups and down but its like a race as well, sometimes you need to run to reach your goal - the finish line, but along your way you'll get tired, hindi naman masamang magpahinga and stop for a while, but do not fully stop baka di mo matapos ang race, pwede ka namang maglakad, take it easy at tska ulit tumakbo kapag kaya mo na. May mga instances na madadapa ka, the decision is yours kung tatayo ka or hahayaan mong matapakan ka na lang ng mga naguunahan mong kalaban. Sometimes we almost want to give up, pero paano ang finish line, malapit na tska ka pa ba susuko?

Till next RUN-WALK-RUN!

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