Monday, March 19, 2012

Magnificent Monday

In helping people I am not waiting to be recognized, I am not waiting for praises or good words or favor in return. I am doing this because its my heart's desire.
If there are people who appreciates what I am doing they are just an added factor for me to boosts me to do more, to strive harder and to become my inspiration to go on.
Reaching people is more than helping  them. Reaching people is not just giving what they need. Reaching people is sharing and giving with effort and with heart. You can help by just giving but you cannot reach out people without compassion and love. 
When I was still a child I'm always wishing to be rich and to have a lots of money. When someone asks me why I'll just simply tell them that I want an orphanage for street children. I want to have my own foundation.
Obviously I'm not yet rich not even have a lots of money but the desire that was planted in my heart to reach out people is still there. I am thankful I have a supportive family and friends who also been an inspiration for me to follow my heart's desire in reaching out people.

I am not rich but I am bless.
I am thankful that God gave and planted me the desire to help and reach people. Let me tell you some of few stories how I started in this ministry of reaching of people.
I am working then in a government agency in the Philippines mainly dealing from the highest political leader of the province to its lowest unit called barangay. My eyes are opened to the scenario and reality of poverty and how people deal with it everyday. Andon lagi ang awa every time I saw less fortunate people...I'm always talking to myself  "kung mayaman ka lang sana Jen". Every day I am traveling from our house to my office I saw many street children sitting nearby the city plaza asking for some foods or money for them to eat. I always feel compassion for them - but my feelings are not enough to ease their hunger. I have compassion but there's no action!
One day I visited my cousin on their house while we are sitting and busy chatting with each other the doorbell rang and Inay Lala, the eldest sibling of my Mom, asked my other cousin who checked the gate who's the person outside. My cousin replied that its the same person who are asking alms the other day. Inay Lala asked my cousin to get some food and give it to the beggar, my cousin told her that the person already left. I thought their conversation is over but to my surprised she asked her daughter to run after the beggar and give the food. COMPASSION with ACTION! Up to now that scene is still clearly pictured on my mind and the lesson it served is still in my heart. Thanks to Inay Lala that every time I have an out reach project in the Philippines she accompanied me and extend help on her ways.
" Hindi mo kinakailangan na maging mayaman para makatulong ang kailangan mo ay may puso ka, may mga mayayaman pero hindi sila nakakatulong" that words are from my Mom that really stick on my mind and my heart. If you'll noticed I always put this words: "Its not how much you give but the love you put into giving" my Mom planted those words into my actions.
"Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it" Proverbs 22:6
Now I am working abroad but still I don't have a lots of money but the desire to help and reach out people that was planted to me when I was still a child grows.
God always send me an inspirations. People and circumstances that helps me to go on and grow on the ministry that He asks me. I met few people who really helped me to change my points of view in helping and reaching people; people who encourage and really inspires me that I can do something for others - mga taong hindi ko inakala na maging parte ng buhay at pagkatao ko. Guys, thank you! alam nyo na kung sino kayo :)
I organized and participated few out reach projects and I am honestly telling you its not easy - it requires many things. As I have said REACHING PEOPLE is MORE THAN GIVING.
It requires TIME - the best expression of love.
But moreover than money and time, for me the top three is COMPASSION you should be passionate and sincere in reaching out people; EFFORT including time and hardships especially in raising the funds needed; LOVE you must have heart not only in the out reach project itself but to the people you are reaching.
 Not all people appreciates doing good deeds. I experienced na mataasan ng kilay, makarinig ng mga salita or even tahimik lang yung iba pero behind their minds iba ang iniisip nila towards me. If you're one of those people, this is for you :) Not all men have the same passion, each of us has our own in extending our help and love to people. I can't blame people who are reacting negatively whenever I organize a fund raising to support my out reach project or my friends out reach project. I don't need to please you anyways. 
I am doing what I am doing not to get any sympathy or praises from people. I am doing it because its my heart's desire. This is my way to thank God for all the many blessings He has given me. He called me on this ministry and as a long as the seed that He planted to my heart is there, I will continue to help and reach people.
I am bless - not only by good people not by good things I have in my life but even the not so good that in the end I realized that they are blessings in disguise. I want to go on in sharing my blessings - money, time, effort and my family and friends.
I am not rich but the seed planted on me is continuously growing.
Since Saturday I am looking forward on this day - Monday! If you are my friend in FB :) you can check my previous status to know how obviously I am excited on this day. Last midnight I got one of the answer why I am looking forward to this day: MAY Project 12 launching. MAY Project 12 is a gift giving birthday project of my friend Kcat for the children of PGH (Philippines General Hospital). Expect that I will post articles, fund raising in related to this SOON :)
And today morning that I think bumuo na ng Monday ko *_^ 

Click here:
Nung ginagawa ko yung article ko, sasabihan ko dapat kayong lahat na susulat ko kayo sa article ko pero nagbago ang isip ko..surprise na lang para masaya! haha. Birthday gift ko sayo yun kasi natapos ko syang gawin nung March 9 :) - Kcat

Thanks Kcat for you continue to INSPIRES ME
Thanks for making my Monday not only HAPPY but so BLESS and MAGNIFICENT!

Happy Monday!
Be blessed & be a blessing
God bless us


  1. Yey! You all love my mini write-ups.. :) and i love this! super agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo.. :):):)

  2. thanks Kcat...super love your article talaga :)
    MAY Project 12 is really a blessing for me and for sure sa lahat who joined and who will join the MAY Project kasi we're given a chance to share our blessings and every time we are reaching people nable-bless din tayo :)
    God bless MAY Project 12


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