Monday, March 12, 2012

MY 31st

March 9, 2012 marked down my 3 decades and 1 year of existence. My "new year" started then, my first day to walk into another journey - to face and beat the challenge of life; to live and not merely to exist; to hope and hold on to positivity; to have faith and not only to believe; to serve and to be compassionate; to trust and to love. 
MY 31st as I called my birthday this year. It's my first year on my 30's - another chapter of my womanhood. It's my first time to welcome my birthday outside our house - I mean usually I welcome my birthday (12 midnight) reading messages from family and friends or sometimes already dreaming as I already fall asleep. But this year is different, I welcomed my 31st with my brethren in Christ - my BS Mansoura cell group. I feel so blessed started my year praising and worshiping the Lord.

"Thank you for everything, for the gift of life, for Your unconditional love, for all the blessings...for everything I have and even those that I don't have.Lord as I walk into another year of my journey let You be my light and guide, continue to lead me on which path should I take, Your will be done and not mine...continue to hold me on your loving arms, empower and bless me as well as my family, friends and loved ones. I lift up to You everything O God and entrust to You my life - from this day on and forward"

After the BS I directly go home, its 1:00 early morning and when I checked all the e-messages I've got I was really overwhelmed when I saw that almost first 10 messages are from my high school friends. SUPER THANK YOU GUYS!
 My first caller to greet me is all the way from Philippines! - a good friend of mine Kuya Allan...Thanks for always finding time to be a part of my birthday celebration even we're not together.
As my way of thanks giving for all the blessings I have received and for the love I received to my family and friends....

I am blessed with family and friends, pampered of love and care and that's one of my reason why almost every year I'm having at least simple yet memorable birthday party. Having party is my own way to reciprocate the love, joy and care they have given me throughout the year.

MY 31st 

The celebration was started in prayer....and all ends up well

Thanks to my cousin Sze ann for all the banner layouts and to Kuya Boy Cruz for the printing *_^

SUPERFRIENDS really enjoy photo booth and almost every occasion we had outside office from our "small Christmas party" to our "Pagsalubong 2012" we have our own version of the booth. And since I know they will enjoy it I made the Mickey booth.

Instead of putting my personal photo, I put mickey head and put some quotable quotes from Mickey shows and some information about Mickey Mouse himself.


Strawberry Cheesecake made & baked by my cousin Jep. YUMMMMYYY! All of my visitors who tasted it can't believe that its Jep who made it by himself, super nasarapan sila akala nila pro-baker talaga ang gumawa- well its within my cousin's blood :) Thanks JEP!

Mickey fondant cake by my officemate, Tamz. I asked her to make a one layer mickey cake for me and to my surprise got this one. I really love how she designed it - simple yet detailed. I love the cake itself not that sweet. Thanks TAMZ!

The most important to enjoy in every occasion is the food of course. I am blessed with a family who are really gifted and passionately into cooking. Without them the party is not definitely be possible. All of my visitors really enjoyed the food "masarap lahat" - all of them commented the same.

From grocery to the kitchen to the table I have them all ^_^. Thanks JEP and Darwin in accompanying me to buy all the ingredients needed, more than 2 hours na lakad sa grocery while pushing the 2 big carts. Thanks Dan, Ate Liezel & Kuya Matt for helping me sa pagbabalat at paghihiwa ng mga ingridients kahit super nakakaluha ang onions. And for helping me till the end of the party especially in cleaning all the mess. Thank you so much guys.
And of course the chefs behind those delicious foods, my cousins - Peach and Leslie. Thank you so so super super much!
Master Chef Leslie
Master Chef Peach

I have many friends and our family here in Doha is big compare to others so instead to eat out on a restaurant it really practical to celebrate inside the house. 
Only few are chosen and if you received an invitation it means that you are close to my heart - all that I invited are VIPs!
I have a few circles of friend and since our house cannot accommodate them all in one time, what I did is I sent the invitations varies on time indicated.  Yup iba't ibang oras, why? I want them to enjoy their stay in the party, hindi naiilang dahil may ibang bisita na di nila kilala, I want them to feel that each of them are special to me.

I was really surprised when I saw them on their Mickey Mouse shirt - as in ALL of them are wearing Mickey shirts. I feel so loved cause they didn't spoil my theme party and super they exert an effort and they really pay for it. SUPER THANKS SUPERFRIENDS! 

2nd Batch - Campos and Jaravata Family
My officemate Ate Marissa with her husband Kuya Lito and son Denzel

My good friend and kumare Janet with husband RJ and my inaanak Kirk *_^

3rd Batch - Kindness Girls

4th Batch - Friendly friends and Procurement Boy Friends

5th Batch - Bible Study Mansoura Family

6th Batch - My Doha Family & Family Friends

And the last batch..... my Batanguenos friends in the office
They arrived almost 9pm :) Its better late than never kaya super happy me..even though its late and I know they're tired they still come. Thanks guys!

To all who shared with me MY 31st, thank you very much! I really feel how much I am loved. Thank you to my family way back in Philippines and to my Doha family. Thank you to ALL of my friends for always reaching out to me no matter where you are and how busy you are and for sharing with me my birthday. Thank you for all the effort, pagod and even gastos to make this celebration another moments to treasure.
And as I continue to walk on my journey, hope you can still be with me. I know life is not that smooth, there are winds, storms and thunders but I know I can pass it all with your love and support and most especially guidance from the Lord. 
God bless us all


  1. Happy happy birthday Sis! Wow! Ang saya naman ng birthday celebration mo.. i hope i can come there to celebrate... :)

    I pray for more happiness and success in your life.. Continue to be a blessing to everyone.

    God bless you more and more sis!

    See you again soon!! mwaah! Love yah!!

  2. Thank you sis....super happy talaga ako, I planned pero si Lord talaga ang gumawa ng lahat to be possible :) kaya talagang super thankful ako sa Kanya :)
    Kung andito for sure ako nakaMICKEY shirt ka rin :)
    Thank you sis
    God bless
    Yup see you again soon! excited much ako kung kelan man yon, hehehe
    take care always..mwahh iloveyou
    God bless

  3. Marekoy...happy happy birthday!

    nakakatuwa kasi, puro Mickey Mouse tlaga!

    I knew your really enjoy ur party,. sana kasama kami...hehehe


    1. Thanks marekoy :)
      yup solid Mickey fanatic..hahaha
      I really enjoyed *_^ time kasama na kayo :)
      iloveyou too...kiss JJ for me :)
      mwahhh...i miss you
      God bless


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