Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trust = New Friends

Trust as they say is one of the very important factor in any relationship. I remember one sms message : saying "I trust you" is better than saying "I love you". But sometimes because of pains, heartaches or failures, we are getting afraid to give our trust to others. I'm thankful because I was healed and I was able to trust again and I'm much more thankful cause I gained new friends -- true friends, when I started to open my door to trust again.
I got an email from a new friend (i don't think he is new...hahaha), Jessie and it really strucked me. I'm a bit emotional while reading that mail especially when I reached reading this:

I'm glad I got new friends. And what makes me really thankful is I don't know them in person yet but the friendship has binded us together. I trusts them completely without any doubt even I only found them in the e-world, I know they are God's gift to me and they will serve a reason or purpose to me and I hope I can do the same to them.
Let me introduce to you my new found friends that I met in e-world, special thanks to multiply!
Meet Abhie .....

At first I am only a reader of her blogs, how can you resist not to read her blogs e sya na lang yata ang multiply member na everyday may blogs..hehehe. I invited her to be my contact on my list when I read her blog about coffee & love (forgot the exact title of the blog). I don't know then that she's friend to some of my colleagues. I see myself on her blogs...maybe the reason why its easy for me to be friend to her. We're exchanging emails and sms (kahit nasa kalagitnaan ng concert ni Garry & Martin..hehehe). Through her I met two other people whom I considered as my new found friend as well. Hope we I can share more friendship with her.
Meet "J" Family....
If I'm not mistaken it took 2 or more months before I received message from Joanne asking if its ok for me to one of her multiply contact. I remember when I made one post 25 Facts About Jen, it started all there. At first we're just exchanging comments on our blogs but there was an instance on her blog that she asked if I am a Christian...then after we found out that we are both Christians, our friendship become deeper. Like Abhie, we are exchanging emails, chikahan and advices on email, SMS messages and ym. Meeting Joanne, I met Joseph through her stories, I had a chance to exchange IM to Joseph pero kontingkonti lang. What makes me excite now is to see their angel Baby JJ who will soon be my godson.
Meet Kcat...
Before I don't know that she's the girl behind some of the post link of Abhie untilone Friday when She Inspires Me. My colleagues and some close friends knows it, I mean how she inspire and encourage me to be positive in life and most especially to reach others. It started in a blog then we exchange emails. I'm hoping to share more and deeper friendship with her.
Meet Jessie...
I didn't meet him through multiply. I met him through a highschool classmate named Mario. Szean, cousin of mine knows Mario also and that time (I think 2008), they are exchanging emails and to cut thr story short my email ad was passed to him. I remembered I kiddingly tell Mario "naku allergic ako sa mga J" hehehe, which is true that time. We exchange IM on yahoo and he is one of my contact on FS but I don't remember an instance that I had a long conversation with him until I found out that he is a Christian; and if I'm not mistaken all started there. And now he is one of my constant chatmate (para namang may mga chatmate talaga ako..hahaha) and I'm hoping that he will not surrender on my "kakulitans".
I'm blessed to have new friends like them. Although I dont see them yet all in persons I know that I found them for reasons -- and one of those reasons is to trust people again. I'm excited to meet them and eventhough its still one month from now before my vacation I planned already that I will really meet them no matter how short my vacation will be.


  1. hello jen! thanks for including me.. i'm so happy to know u.. your email & blog posts inspires me as well.. i'm super looking forward to meet u in person.. be sure to contact me pag nandito ka na sa pinas ah.. :)take care & God bless!

  2. sure na sure yan Kcat I will contact you :) and we will see in person..hehehe
    take care & God bless

  3. hi jen! :)

    nakakatuwa naman tingnan ang mga new found friends mo.. :) that is one great testimony that you are a great friend.. :) hope to know you more! ^_^

    God bless you!

  4. Thanks Ivee :)
    To have them is a great blessing for me. Hope to know you more also, who knows on my next post isa ka na sa mga madadagdag jan :)
    God bless you!

  5. i think we are in the same loop somehow... interesting facts... :)

  6. thanks for dropping...i think so we are somehow connected :)


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