Monday, September 27, 2010

How Far You Can Do for Giving?

Sometimes we don't mind what we have, maybe because we are used of having or receiving those things. Some of us don't care how much it cost until we found out how important to others the things we are only taking for granted.
Let's value what we have because we're not sure until we can have them - maybe there will be no tomorrow and we regret that we slip them on our grip.
How important to you the things you have now? Can you sacrifice to loose those things for the sake of others? Are willing to share some of what you have at this moments for others to be happy?
Almost two years ago when I met Angelo, a pre-schooler then. But what I've learned from him is a lesson I will always cherish in my heart and in my mind.
I'm hoping that many of us will be inspired to simple lessons from a young boy
I'm always believe that its not how much you do but how much love you put in doing.
We are blessed...
Let's share our blessings...

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