Friday, September 10, 2010

After the Rain

We oftenly say that our experiences is our best teacher. We learn from our mistakes as same as from our faults. But what's another good thing about having those experiences is we have something to share.
I was chatting with a friend last night when he suddenly ask my help to give him an advice. The advice is not directly for him, its for his friend....well what else its about "heartaches". I just smiled and silently talk to myself "thank you Lord I'm done to that". But since I promised that I will share some advices, here are some I have learned from my past heartaches. Hope it will contribute in a way...
Sometimes we are afraid to face the truth because we are afraid to feel the pain not knowing that we are only prolonging being immerse to that pain.Tell everything and anything you want to your partner or to the people involve if there is other party involve. Honesty is still the best policy to observe. Avoid to be judgemental. Remember that words can hurt and leave scars. Try to control emotions. Accept it. Acceptance may be is the hardest thing to do. But you know what I realized, its hard for us to accept the fact that its over because of our ego -- our pride. Being in a relationship, we are investing time and emotions and as long as we don't accept the real situation we are only wasting our time & emotions over nothing. But don't get me wrong, acceptance that the relationship doesn't happen in wink of an eye or in a snap of your fingers not even in an overnight. Cry. We are human being and crying is only one way to release the pain in our heart. Explore things and enjoy things on your hand. Sometimes because we are head over heels inlove to the person we didn't notice other things --simple things that can make us happy and things that make us complete. Enjoy the new freedom--singleness. Reach out the things you missed. Call your friends and make new friends. Don't hold grudges. Forgive. Dwell into possibility that it happened for a good reason and that's what you need to find out -- the good things out of the heartaches. Pick up the pieces of you. Throw the unnecessary and keep the good ones. Move on.Discover new about yourself. Pamper yourself. Let go. Stay happy.
Along the way of doing those things there is one thing we must not forget and that is PRAYER. If there's one best tool to ease the pain and heartaches its through sending prayer to our God.
After the rain there will be a rainbow -- a colorful rainbow
I'm proud to say I am very much single and happy

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