Sunday, September 19, 2010

Its My Mistake

Never regret something that made you smile..

After three days Eid Holiday plus one Friday total of four days rest. No pressures and stress, no back pain, no eyeglasses, and no agony on how I can finish my workloads. But yesterday I welcome the reality again -- PR and PO on my desk, letters, invoices, emails, etc. I'm not on the right track to complain so instead I smile to every person who just come for follow up and process those loads. I checked my outlook and replied to some important messages; the second email for the day that I sent was a meeting information to my colleagues. Here is the exact email I sent to my colleagues that really made me laugh. For sure you will notice the mistake on it immediately...hahaha

Dear All,
Good morning
Kindly be informed that the weekly meeting for today September 18, 2010 is booked to Meeting Room number 1 from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. Kindly be reminded to turn on the red light that will signifies that there are people inside the room to avoid destruction during the meeting. The room is booked to Procurement Department from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. so if there are some people who will claim that they have also booking on the same room, kindly tell them to inform Ms. Sangeetha (receptionist).
Thank you

I'm not really used to make draft when I make and send correspondences but yesteday after few minutes I checked the letter on my sent items and read it again... OHHHHHHH, well I sent it already. Then one of my colleague told me "Jen I think its by mistake". He noticed then we both laughed. When I about to grab my mouse to check the said letter again I received an email from another colleague....hahaha, a correction letter from Kuya Junjun. I smiled and my mind said "buti na lang parehong Filipino", hehehe. But even though my mistake was noticed and corrected I never felt any shame instead I just smiled and laughed. I resend the letter and type it correctly using bold & italics letter to emphasize that there was a mistake in the first email.

Lessons Learned:
I am only human being and I'm not perfect
Acknowledge your mistake and correct it immediately.
Remember that mistakes are sometimes the best memories...the next time you encounter the same, surely you will do it right.
Its better to laugh at yourself than to laugh at one's faults or mistakes.

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