Friday, September 24, 2010

My Eid Holiday 2010

Eid is the only holiday that I'm really looking forward every year.
Three consecutive days without work :)
That's why I make it a point to maximize my time and plan what I must do with those days.
This year...

A night @ Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is the old market of Qatar that was remodelled and now its one of tourist destination. You can found a lot of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.

Since some of my friends in the office haven't been in Souq Waqif I asked them if they want to take a tour until we found out that all of us have one thing in common we are all "single". Most of my friends in the office are already married, I think its the first time that I go out with all single company.

Its a "gala" day

Eventhough I'm on holiday I don't want to waste my time just lying on my bed, so even I have no work I still wake..maybe an hour late from the usual. Since all of us in the house has no work, instead of cooking our breakfast we choose to dine out. Chowking is still close so we choose Dairy Queen instead.

After eating breakfast, we went to city centre to buy some stuffs and since I will be going for vacation and I'm planning to take a home theatre with me back home, I bought it already.

Baby sitter of the day...

The next day, my cousins have work already (as I choose second set of holiday), I woke up early clean the house and since Aleeza, daughter of my cousin is still vacation I asked her if she want to go with me at the mall. Well, this is my first time to be a baby in only me and her from 10:30 to 3:00 p.m at Landmark mall.

A night with friends...

Evening of the same day I attended the wedding reception of my friend at the office Ate Ge. At last, she got married at the age of 4_, hehehe. Really I am super happy for her and wishing them a blissful marriage life. Glad to see also my god daughters...its like a children's party on the wedding reception.

Fix it girl!

The last day of my holiday, I just stayed at home but its worthy :) why? because I had a chance to arranged my closet, bags and other stuffs. It took me almost whole day arranging all of my stuffs. Tiring yet I'm fulfilled :)

Mielle's Day...

The holiday is not yet over since its Friday on the following day. After a successful worship service at the Church just stayed at home and take rest. While me and my cousin Les are just lying our bed, we recieved a call from our cousin inviting us because its his daughter 2nd birthday! Super family bonding with my cousins and really like the face painting I got.

I really enjoyed my Eid holidays...simple yet for me it has something to cherish & treasure. And speaking of holidays I'm looking forward for a longer holiday next month coz its gonna my vacation in Philippines! I'm soooooo excited.


  1. wow! sulit ang Eid mo sis.. :)

    hope to visit qatar as well.... ^_^

    enjoy ur vacation in the Philippines.. don't forget to take pic with Mareng Joanne.. :)

    God bless! ^_^

  2. yeah sis sulit talaga :)
    excited na nga ako magbakasyon kaya kahit super busy sa office ok lang at least I have something to look forward talaga..
    sympre di ko kakalimutan magpapicture kay mareng joanne :) ...ay magkumare nga din pala tayo,hehehe
    God bless :)

  3. oo nga pala ano.. :) wow! ^_^ ang saya naman...

    sana magkita din tau sa pinas kaso december pa uwi ko...

    enjoy sis... can't wait to see your pics in the phils.. ^_^


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