Friday, July 9, 2010

Tragedy can be the Beginning of Hope

Sunrise After Sunset is really for a good caused. This movie was made by QICM (Qatar Intenational Christian Ministry) as a fund raising project for the ECAQ Building Project.
Since I first watched the teaser of this film in our church in QICM I know this movie will move a lot of its viewers, I mean not only because its a Christian film but because it tackles the life of an OFW.
Adonis, is the name of the main character in the movie. He is a young ordinary man who left his life in Philippines to support his family. Knowing the life of an OFW...sabi nga ng iba akala lang nila masarap at madali kumita ng pera sa ibang bansa. He is willing to do anything for his family -- sacrifice to buy things for him in order to have savings not for himself but in order to pay debts of his family.
Clare as called by Adonis as his "angel". God really uses people for our spirit to be lifted. She is a Christian lady -- generous, loving and sweet.
Have you ever asked yourself why God is allowing us to experience problems in life? Bakit nga ba may problema pa, pwede namang araw araw masaya na lang, at lahat nageenjoy. Sometimes God uses problems, trials, sickness and even tragedy that leads to death for us to be moved. May mga tao at may mga times na were on the midst of trials andon yung highest peak ng faith natin...ang prayers natin halos walang tigil. I remember my Mom, lagi nya sinasabi sa amin if we face some problems na baka pinapalo na kami Lord...that maybe He wants us to be closer to Him..maybe may gusto Syang iparating. Exactly, all things happen for a purpose, God allows us to suffer for us to know how to live. Sometimes He uses those people important to us so we can value more. Lord doesn't want anything bad for us...He wants the best for us and sometimes the best reminder for us para mamoved is mga not so good things in life. But in the end malalaman natin ang reason Nya,we will able to see na para sa atin ang lahat--for our own good.
In the movie Adonis experienced extraordinary problem halos lahat ng mabibigat na problem nasa balikat na nya until he discovered that he has brain tumor. He meet Clare, soft spoken, generous, sweet and friendly. One thing about Christian that surely you will agree with me is there's always some glow--i mean glowing face. Kahit may problema nakukuha pa ring kumanta, nakakangiti pa rin. Let GOD handles our problem, He knows better than us -- He knows everything! Let the LORD take in charge of everything. Sometimes we need to see things in different our problems don't be pessimistic that God is punishing us through those problems instead consider those as a blessing.
Hope you can watch also this film but since dito lang ito sa Qatar, as soon as magrelease sila ng copy movie I will really give you guys copy.

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