Monday, September 9, 2013

Consider Others Better than Yourselves


How I wish and pray that all people will leave at least according to this Word. Well if not by all lets start within ourselves. Lets give love with another - kung sisimulan natin sa ating mga sarili at ipapasa natin sa iba its not impossible to spread the love of Jesus. So call ka ba? let start to pass the love and shared whatever good deeds we can share. Am I getting idealistic? I don't think so.  Let's start by reminding ourselves to live everyday according to this bible verse - the humility, humbleness, kindness, and love.
God bless everyone..
Lets keep the light of love and faith burning :-)


  1. Happy to meet a God-fearing blogger^^*
    Keep blogging and sharing Jesus to the world..God bless you!

    1. Thank you :)
      I just visited your site, and like you I'm happy to see a Christian blogger too.
      Lets continue to tell the world how good and what can Jesus do to each and everyone
      Glory be to God for the knowledge, understanding and wisdom
      God bless you too


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